Month: February 2022

Lash Infills / Refills – all you need to know

Lash infill guide

If you’re new to lashes, you’ve likely heard about infills but may not be sure what that involves. Your eyelashes have a natural shedding cycle so as one of your natural lashes falls out, your extension does as well. An infill is a touch-up appointment to refresh your extensions and make them look brand new again. It doesn’t take as … Read More

Can you Wear Strip Lashes on Eyelash Extensions?

Can you wear strip lashes with extensions

Whether you have a costume party or special occasion coming up, sometimes it can be tempting to wear strip lashes on top of your eyelash extensions for a more dramatic look. As qualified lash artists, we strongly recommend you avoid doing this.  But first, what are strip lashes? Strip lashes are a horizontal line of lashes attached to a fabric … Read More