Sarah’s 3D Eyelash Extensions Make Her Eyes Pop

My phone camera was playing up a little the other day which is why some of these photos look a bit faded but I decided they are still useable as they do demonstrate the difference eyelash extensions can make!

The lovely Sarah came in to test out lash extensions for the first time. After our consultation it became clear that she wanted something quite natural but still definitely wanted to make her unique eyes stand out. We went for a full set of 3D volume lashes in C Curl and 0.07 thickness.

It’s hard to tell from the before photos but Sarah did have naturally long lashes, they were just very fair which made them hard to see. I always like to follow the client’s natural lash pattern in order to avoid the result looking too unnatural.

Can you believe how beautiful Sarah’s eyes look after the extensions? She absolutely loved them!

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