Anna’s Gorgeous Lashes in 6D Russian Volume

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Anna and her mum. They had a few special occasions to celebrate which was the reason for the lashes! What better excuse to treat yourself than for a family member’s wedding?

Anna opted for the extremely popular full set of volume lashes in 6D faux mink. These were applied in a graduated look with 10mm lashes on the inner corner and then graduated to 12mm and then 14 on the outer eye.

Do you notice the difference in lengths when you look at the ‘after’ photo? The seamless transition between different lengths is a skill that takes years to master. This is why you should always see a master lash stylist if you want quality lashes that are going to last and look perfect.

6d-mink-volume-lashes russian-volume-melbourne

eyelash-gold-coast  6d-lashes-gold-coast