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Dear clients,

We have some very exciting news! As you know, at The Lash Spa we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service for our wonderful clients. After almost 12 months of split-testing, we are pleased to be stocking a new lash brand (the most exclusive luxury lash brand on the market).

We are now stocking a more exclusive, higher-end lash brand (the most expensive on the market). Don’t stress, we are keeping our pricing the same despite the rising supply cost.

Dreamy volume lash at lash spa

The lashes we’ve decided on give a better contact area for adhesive compared to previous brands we have trialled (which gives an improved seal between the lash extension and natural lash). A better bond between the natural lash and extension = longer lasting lashes.

In our trials, the winning lashes have proven themselves to last longer and give a fuller look without overloading the natural lashes with weight. We have had nothing but glowing reviews from clients in both how the lashes look and feel.

These new and improved lashes give the appearance of more depth for the client – with a darker pigment used in the production. The result is more stunning, fluffy lashes that last longer between infills. 

Interestingly, the curl of the new lashes is slightly more pronounced – which really makes the eyes pop. It may feel slightly different to brush with your mascara wand than previous lashes.

Our default lash curl was previously a C curl, however, after more trial and error we are now using a D curl as our go-to lash curl. We’ve found that D curl lashes give a glamorous curl that is more visually appealing from all angles (birds-eye view and side profile).

If you want more information about different types of curls and weights when it comes to lash extensions, your technician will be able to go through all of this at your next appointment with you. We working on a look-book that we will have on the iPad of each treatment room as a resource for clients and technicians. We want you to completely understand lashes so that you get the best result possible.

This infographic demonstrates the difference in curl.Other ways we are improving our service 🙂

At The Lash Spa, we want our gorgeous clients to be able to book in confidently with any technician which is why we have added a revolutionary tracking system for each appointment.

When you book in for an infill, we have all of your previous appointment notes recorded. We make a note if you’re experiencing a lash cycle (we see lots of baby lashes), or if we went for a different lash style e.g. cat eye instead of the open eye etc.

We have decided to take our tracking one step further than just written notes, and have given our technicians access to our salon software on their phones, so they can snap before and after photos of your lashes for every single appointment. This means our techs can pull up photos of your previous lash sets and can also assess how your natural lashes are handling the weight of the extensions.

This is a hugely beneficial part of our service for our clients because you can lay back and trust your technician with absolute certainty and confidence. Just another way we are improving for you!

Cancellation fees apply for no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

We are striving to keep the cost of our lash services affordable for our clients. As many of you can imagine, the costs of running a salon and providing such a high standard of service can be astronomical. This is why we require 24 hours notice if you cannot attend your appointment – in the past, we have been very lenient on last-minute cancellations but in order to keep our doors open we are now strictly enforcing our policies. Please read about our salon policies here.

Outstanding fees are added to your account to be fixed up at your next appointment or charged to. Please understand we are not trying to be malicious by enforcing our fees, it’s nothing personal. As a small family-run business we’ve found it’s the only way to keep going and providing our clientele with such exceptional service.

Thanks, ladies! Hope you enjoyed the updates 🙂

FAQ about this post:

Q: Will you be stocking any other brands or switching to one brand?
A: We still have some of our old brand lashes in stock while it lasts – however, will be discontinuing use of them once the supply is gone. To keep things running smoothly behind the scenes we are now stocking just one brand.

Q: Is there any way to get out of paying cancellation fees?
A: Unfortunately we cannot waive fees any more under any circumstances. So please only book appointments where you’re 100% sure you can attend.