Lash Spa TreatCard Reward Program Changes

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Our Treatcard program has been designed to reward regular clients with free salon services – it basically works in the same way a coffee card works at your local cafe – you collect a certain number of points at each appointment based on your spend, and then once you’ve got enough points you’re able to redeem those from one of our services.

Since we began the program 4 years ago it has been extremely generous to help us to attract an amazing client base – we rewarded 1 treatpoint for each dollar spend, so a $100 service would be 100 points – and the treatpoint price of services was the regular price x 10 – so a $90 service was 900 points – which basically meant that every 10th appointment was free!

Like all things prices go up in time with inflation, and to postpone a price rise we’re simply changing our treat point structure, so that you still collect points at the same rate of 1 point per dollar spent, but the cost of redemption will go up to 15 x the treatment cost – so a $90 service will now be 1350 points. We believe that every 15th visit free is still a great incentive to clients considering we’re the only lash salon on the Gold Coast with a reward program that provides free services.

We’re giving plenty of notice of this treat point system change, as it’s not happening for over 10 weeks until April 20th, so will give you plenty of time to make any redemptions or save up a few more treatments to get your free infill.

We hope that you’ll understand our need to change these rates and continue to support The Lash Spa as a small family-owned business.

As always, thanks for your support and we’ll see you in the salon 🙂