Must Visit Gold Coast Cafes

If you’re a coffee lover like I am then finding great coffee on the Gold Coast isn’t too difficult.   There are dozens of cafes scattered all along the coastline that makes amazing coffee and many even roast their own beans…

Here are some of my favourites

Paddock Bakehouse

Paddock Bakehouse in Burleigh. this cafe is actually a bakery/cafe who specialises in making amazing baked goods and incredible food. they also have a very high-level coffee and are always very busy. There’s not much I can fault about paddock because the service is great the decor is beautiful comma the food is some of the best I’ve ever had on the Gold Coast comma and everyone who goes to this Cafe seems to be in a good mood comma or at least that’s been my experience.

Bam Bam Bakehouse

Next is Bam Bam Bakehouse in Miami and this is the same owner as Paddock however they have a different menu and different pastries. Again it’s an extremely busy cafe especially on weekends and parking is very limited so you might have to park around the corner. I recommend waiting to look in the window before you order because their pastries are to die for.

Barefoot Barista

Next on my list is barefoot Barista in Palm Beach. This cafe has recently moved down the road from its original location into bigger premises and the Decor and atmosphere have been significant upgrades. They have great baristas who make amazing coffee and seem to be at the heart of the cafe scene in Palm Beach. I recommend the cheeseburger because it seems to be a simple recipe yet they do every part of the burger incredibly well.

Palm Beach Collective

Special mention goes to the Palm Beach collective. This is actually as the name implies a collection of restaurants and bars all combined into one area so that you as a patron have the option to order off multiple menus yet be seated at one table. It’s like being able to pick and choose your favourite types of food from half a dozen restaurants without having to visit them all on different occasions. Even though there isn’t a speciality cafe in Palm Beach collective you can still order great coffee here but your options are just limited to those of a cafe.

Grocer And Grind

And finally, we have Grocer and Grind in Broadbeach. This cafe went through some incredible growing pains when a few years ago it had a disaster with some faulty eggs which was no fault of their own, but it garnered an extremely bad reputation as a side effect and the once popular cafe plummeted in the local ratings. Now it has had a total makeover being fully renovated and taken over by new owners who have rebranded and ironed out all the king’s two now have it as one of the most well-appointed cafes on the Gold Coast with great coffee amazing food and brilliant treats. What more could you ask for from a cafe on the Gold Coast?

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