The Lash Spa launches Man Brow Mondays!

mens brows Gold Coast

We believe brow appointments should not only be limited to men and get loads of requests for men’s brow sculpting! In fact, so many of our lash clients have asked is if they can bring hubby along to get their unruly brows in order.

You asked – we answered 😀  The Lash Spa has launched a special on men’s brow sculpting service. Now on Mondays, men can save $5 on our brow grooming service.

If you’re a man thinking of having your brows done for the first time – don’t stress. Here’s a brief explanation of the process. Nothing scary, we promise.

  1. We assess the brow’s natural shape
  2. We tint the brow to as close to the natural colour as possible, this adds definition to the brow
  3. We use hot brow wax to define the shape
  4. Your brows won’t look too fake, tailored or overdone. We understand you want them to look groomed but not overdone!

Note: Men can book in for brows at any day or time via our handy app. Guys are most-certainly welcome at The Lash Spa and make up a lot of our clientele. Our design may be very pink, but that doesn’t mean we’re just a salon for women. Just go to your App Store and search for ‘The Lash Spa’ to make your brow appointment.

FAQ: You don’t have to get your brows tinted but the service will still be considered a brow sculpt.