Best Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast Award Winners 2020-24

Transform your look with luxury eyelash extensions applied by elite artists in our award winning Gold Coast lash salon

🏆 "Best Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast" Winner 2021-24 - The Urban List
🏆 "Highest-rated beauty salon Gold Coast" 2019-24 - Google Business
🏆 "Best of Queensland Client Experiences Award" 2022-23 - Tourism Queensland
🏆 "Most 5-star reviews in Beauty Salons QLD category" 2021-24 - Google Reviews
🏆 "Client experience award" 2020-23 - Phorest
🏆 "Top Ranked Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast" - HIT 90.9 SeaFM

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Gold Coast’s Best Lash Extensions Salon

Delivering the Gold Coast Eyelash Extensions since 2017

We have won numerous highly prestigious awards between 2020 and 2024. These include ‘Best Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast’ by The UrbanList (a site known for extensively testing and comparing businesses), as well as awards from Tourism Queensland, HIT 90.9 SeaFM and Google Business.

We’re the most highly awarded, and highly reviewed lash salon on the Gold Coast with over 885 five-star reviews (and counting) across the web.

Best Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

How We’re Different To Other Lash Salons (and Home Businesses)

Private Treatment Suites vs a Lash Production Line

When you go to other lash salons it’s normal to find a big room with lash tables lined up next to each other, with each table in reaching distance from the one beside it.

It’s like a production line of lash extensions where the goal is to fit as many people in the smallest space possible. It creates a very awkward atmosphere where you’re either left lying down for over an hour listening to the staff discuss their weekend while you silently lay there with your eyes closed. Or if the staff do talk to you, the entire room will be listening in to each reply. Not the most relaxing experience and certainly not what you’d expect for the premium prices these salons are charging.

Alternatively at The Lash Spa, we have taken time to consider your entire Gold Coast eyelash extensions experience, and have invested in completely private sound-proof treatment suites with soothing spa music, delightful vanilla caramel aromas, comfy heated treatment tables with plush doonas to tuck you in for an overwhelmingly relaxing appointment. The choice of chatting or napping is yours with a simple option during the iPad checkin process – you can select either option.

Eyelash Extensions Salon Gold Coast
Lash Treatment Room Doors

Climate Controls for Humidity and Temperature

Lash glue works its best at a very specific temperature and humidity. If either of those are wrong, the glue won’t work properly, and that’s when you get poor lash retention, or sticking lashes.

Other salons and home businesses simply hope conditions are right (which due to the Gold Coast’s humid conditions is not too often) because setting up a system to control temperature and humidity isn’t cheap. If you’ve had lashes from another salon that haven’t lasted, then there’s a good chance you visited one of these salons on a dry, or a humid day.

At The Lash Spa, conditions are perfect, all day, everyday because we have invested heavily in commercial pool-grade dehumidifiers which pull the moisture out of the air on humid days, and on dry days we can distribute water into the salon air evenly and consistently. We’ve also got advanced temperature controls that keep each private treatment suite at the perfect temperature all day, for your comfort and for our lash adhesive to work flawlessly.

That’s why our lashes outlast other salons

The most highly skilled team on the Gold Coast

Eyelash extension Gold Coast training is a big business and there is no certification or qualification required to become a lash technician, so many of our competitors simply have people go through their 1-day lash training course and then offer them a job applying lashes. As you’d expect they start out quite bad, but get better over time.

Becoming an elite lash extensions technician takes years of experience doing lashes daily.

With a collective 60 years of lashing experience among our team, we’re lash specialists and perfectionists. The Lash Spa team do lash extensions all day, often working on over 10 clients each day. And the only way to get good at anything, is by doing it – a lot! And that’s what our team does – that’s why they’re the best and can apply extensions perfectly, while still being significantly faster than other lash techs. We don’t hire team members who aren’t highly experienced, so you’ll never get a bad result at The Lash Spa and it’s how we can offer our ‘best lash guarantee’

Eyelash Extensions Near Me
Gold Coast Eyelash Extensions

4. We give an experience FAR beyond any other salon

At other salons and home businesses, the focus is on getting lashes on. So you arrive and and generally lay down on an uncomfortable wobbly table in a row of other clients. You lay down without a consultation or any questions about what type of lashes you want, and your lashes get applied as the staff talk amongst themselves. When the treatment is done you pay and leave. The job gets done but the experience is as barebones as possible.

If you read our reviews on Google for eyelash extensions Gold Coast, our five-star service is a common thread. From the moment you walk in you’re made to feel welcomed, pampered, relaxed and beautiful.

You’ll receive a lemon lychee iced tea or glass of bubbles and Ferrero Rocher on arrival, then briefly check in with one of our friendly salon coordinators. Our appointments run on time so you won’t have to wait long in our super relaxing, vanilla caramel-scented wellness zone, before being taken into your private treatment suite where you’ll lay down on a comfy heated lash treatment table with memory foam neck supporting pillow and get tucked into a cosy doona in your cool climate-controlled suite. You’ll be transported into relaxation with a hot lavender face towel and rose quartz facial roller at the beginning of your treatment.

Where availability permits, one of our massage angels will enter the room during your treatment to give you a complimentary, custom-scented hand massage. Most clients become so relaxed they’ll fall asleep during their appointment!

5. We ensure clients depart thoroughly thrilled with their lash extensions.

We do this by taking the time to consult at the start, to figure out exactly what each client is looking for, and then our experienced team members guide them with advice on a style and volume that would best suit their own unique eye and face shape. Compared to many salons where they just ask you to lay down, and then you get what you’re given! If you’re not thrilled with the result, we’ll alter it until you are, and we’re so confident we’ll succeed, that if we can’t we’ll give you a full refund (more on that later).

Eyelashes Gold Coast

Our Lash Extension Packages

Which Lash Style Are You?

Your choice of service will be for the volume of lashes you desire. When you’re with your lash artist you’ll be able to select a style that suits your eye and face shape with their help, along with a lash curl and any other extras you’d like, such as wispy spikes (like Kim K), or coloured / glitter lashes. 

Natural Classic

Natural classic eyelash extensions

The natural classic is our lightest set of lashes designed for those who want a look as close to your natural lashes as possible. It will simply extend the length of your natural lashes, and the fullness is dictated by the number of lashes you naturally have.

This set is single classic lashes right along your lash line in different lengths to create a style to suit your eye and face shape.

Full Set: $120
Infill: $90

Light Hybrid

Hybrid Light Eyelash Extensions

A light, pretty set of eyelash extensions that looks completely natural and enhances your eyes. 

These lashes are loved by our more mature clientele or those with short, fine natural lashes. To achieve this look, we use a combination of individual classic lashes and light 3D-volume lashes.

Full Set: $150
Infill: $105

Dreamy Volume

Dreamy Volume Lashes

As our most popular set of lashes, the Dreamy Volume creates the darker ‘eyeliner’ look with a fuller volume and length of lash extension.

The look is customised to suit your natural lashes, so could be a full set of 6D lashes mixed with some 3D volume or even classic lashes – we get as long and full as we can without causing any damage.

Full Set: $170
Infill: $110

Max Volume

Max Volume Lashes

The Max Volume is for you if you want your lashes to be on another level of fullness to create extreme drama and get maximum attention.

We’ll use a combination of volume fans from 3D right through to 10D in a style that suits your eye shape, to make sure your Max Volume creates an incredible effect!

Full Set: $220
Infill: $145

Not All Lashes, or Salons Are The Same

Lash Spa Wellness Area

Eyelash extensions, unlike many beauty treatments, are an unregulated industry. This means there are no real requirements, qualifications, or experience needed before starting work as a lash technician, and this is why you’ll see those stories about women having their eyes glued shut, or regular superglue from a hardware store being used, or infections due to lash tweezers being used for on several clients without any sterilisation in between (or worse, never sterilising).

The culprit is usually home-based businesses and small salons since they’re often in the startup phase, so they will be cutting corners wherever possible to save on costs by using inferior products like extensions that feel like spiky plastic, or cheap glues that irritate, or they simply don’t have the experience and knowledge to understand proper sterilisation procedures, or have the proper client protection insurances in case anything does go wrong. 

You Deserve The Best For Your Eyes

Eyelash Extensions last for 2 to 4 weeks before needing to be infilled, so you want them to look their best for as long as possible. Since they’re known for enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes, they will be very noticeable, so a bad set of lashes can really be devastating.

How Lashes Should Be Applied & What Can Go Wrong

Lash extensions should be applied one extension onto one strong natural lash. This ensures there is no strain put on your natural lashes, and the extensions will simply fall off at the same time as your natural lash sheds naturally. They need to be placed around 1mm away from the eyelid, and glued perfectly straight onto the natural lash to ensure a proper bond that lasts and doesn’t cause irritation.

What Can Go Wrong With Inexperienced Gold Coast Lash Tech’s
  • More than one extension applied to a natural lash. This adds too much weight and strain to your natural lash, causing it to shed sooner, meaning lash damage over time.
  • Natural lashes are glued together with extensions. This happens when lashes aren’t properly isolated, or glue not being allowed to dry properly before moving to the next lash. Since your natural lashes will grow at different rates, this will cause strain and irritation to your lashes, causing damage. This is the most common thing we see from other salons and inexperienced lash technicians.
  • Too much glue is being used. This not only looks bad (who wants glue clumps in their lashes?), but it also causes strain on your natural lashes. This is a sign of inexperience, or poor quality products being used.
  • Tools not being serilised. Working so closely to the delicate and sensitive eye area all tools must be sterilised properly before being used. We have strict procedures developed by cross-contamination consultants where we first scrub any tools, then place them in a professional UVC sterilising chamber which provides a 99.9% sterilisation rate and are then placed in sealed containers. Our lash techs also use hand sanitiser before each client, we lay down fresh disposable sheets on the headrests between each client, and lash techs wear face masks during treatments to ensure no germs are being spread around – this also avoids any breath smells along with Eclipse breath mints being used by team members to ensure fresh breath.

    If sterilisation isn’t done properly (or not done at all like at many places!) then there is the risk of eye infections, or illnesses being passed from client to client, or lash tech to client. It simply isn’t worth the risk.
  • Poor lash styling results. Getting a style to match your eye and face shape is critical to being thrilled with the result, but getting good at this comes from experience, and from working in a team of lash artists who support each other’s growth, but also allow them to compare their work and learn from others in the team. Home salons don’t have this positive feedback loop.

    An inexperienced lash tech may give a very generic and bland result even if the extensions are applied correctly which means you’ll sit up, look in the mirror and think ‘blah’ instead of ‘WOW!’
  • Poor quality products. This one is obvious, but smaller businesses need to cut costs on their stock. So they’ll use cheaper extensions that feel like plastic spikes instead of fluffy, silky extensions. They’ll use cheap glue that produces more irritation-inducing fumes and doesn’t last long, so your lashes will need an infill in just a week instead of three. You simply can’t get a good result without the best materials.
  • They use ‘glue rings’. Most salons and home-based lash businesses use glue rings. These are rings the lash tech will put on their finger with the lash adhesive in, so they can dip each extension conveniently before applying it to your lashes. The problem is that there is a significant risk of spilling this high-strength glue onto the hair, face or worse, eyes. At The Lash Spa, we banned glue rings, and instead use a glue dot tray placed away from your head. This allows the glue to stay fresher (because we use new glue dots every few minutes) which means it bonds better – while also eliminating the risk of getting glue where it shouldn’t be!

We Focus on Being The Best Gold Coast Eyelash Extensions Salon

Gold Coast Lash Salon Near Me

The Lash Spa opened in 2018 and since then we’ve won numerous awards and gained an amazing client-base of women on the Gold Coast who refer us to their friends and family like crazy because of the incredible results along with the unique experience that we offer at each appointment.

What followed after opening was a constant flow of reviews praising our salon with special mention of the experience.

Here are some of our most recent reviews…

Join Thousands of Gold Coast Women who have transformed their look with Lash Extensions

With over 795+ verified eyelash extensions Gold Coast reviews on Google and another 80+ on Facebook, we’re confident you’ll love your fuller, longer lashes styled to enhance your eye and face shape….

The Lash Spa Eyelash Extensions
Based on 910 reviews
review us on
been going to the lash spa for a year now and have always been more than satisfied with the service!!
Nikita is amazing. Completely loved the whole experience. 💯recommend.
Best experience I have ever had Diana was amazing and super kind definitely coming back
Gemma was so gentle, informative and professional! She did a wonderful job on my lashes!
Carly made the whole experience absolutely amazing. It's not just going to get your brows done, it's an experience! I have been telling everyone about this beautiful space, everything has been thought of and I would rate this 10/10. Thank you girls. Mum loved it too!
Omg, Like a mini pamper session with out come amazing lashes and brows
Carly was amazing today, so professional and helpful. Love my lashes, thank you.
Georgia was so professional and lovely. Made me feel so comfortable getting lashes for the 1st time. Will definitely be back and book with her. Thanks Georgia.
What a wonderful experience I had today at The Lash Spa.It was my first time getting lash extensions and Jemma did such an amazing job and made the experience very comfortable. It is such an exquisite place. Beautifully decorated, you feel like a real princess.I was given an incredible free package as a first time customer with a foot soak, hand massage and lip wax!All topped off with a glass of bubbly.I can’t wait to visit again ⭐️🥰❤️
Love The Lash Spa, definitely my favourite place to get my lashes done. It’s beautiful and relaxing and Georgia did an amazing job of my lashes and brows 😊
Jemma does an amazing job as always ❤️
Response from the owner: Thank you for leaving this review for us Alexis! We look forward to seeing you every few weeks for your max volume lashes. They suit you so much! We are very appreciative of your constant support and loyalty and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Thanks again! Melissa - The Lash Spa 🌸
Thankyou Cassie for my beautiful lashes. I am looking forward to showing them off at my wedding!I highly recommend Cassie to anyone wanting quality workmanship and professional service.
Response from the owner: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! We're delighted to hear that Cassie was able to give you beautiful lashes just in time for your special day. Thank you for recommending Cassie and recognising her quality of work and professionalism. We're honoured to have been a part of your wedding preparation, and we wish you all the best as you show off your stunning lashes on your big day! Love, The Lash Spa Team x
My experience with Keah's eyelashes is nothing short of exceptional. From the professional customer service she provides to the impeccable product quality of the glue and lashes I receive, every aspect always exceeds my expectations. Not only do the lashes enhance my beauty routine, but they also boost my confidence. Keah has undoubtedly earned a loyal customer in me!!
Sian was amazing. It was my first time getting my brows and lashes done and she, and the rest of the staff, made it a comfortable experience. The treatment received was top tier and the lashes were done to perfection.
Holly did an AMAZING job with my brows. Normally for me after a brow tint the colour fades really quickly. But with Holly my brows look great thank you so much. Also my daughter had organised a ‘mother daughter’ appointment to have our brows done together and the receptionist, unfortunately I can’t remember her name, was fabulous and we had received excellent customer service. She went above and beyond to ensure we had a very special experience ✨ Thank you so much 💖

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Our Team Of Gold Coast Lash Artists Have the Most Experience

Robina Varsity Lakes Eyelash Extensions

The Best Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast Salon

We’ve won awards for the ‘Gold Coasts best lash extensions’ and ‘best lash salon Gold Coast’ from all the most reputable places like The Urbanlist, HIT 90.9, Google Business, Tourism Queensland and more.

At many other lash salons you’re laying on a treatment table in a row of 10 treatment tables, in a big room with 10 other clients, all uncomfortable lying there with your eyes closed while the staff chat about their weekend. You’re not asked about the result you want, or the style you’d like, and are instead just asked to lay down, close your eyes and you hope for the best…

This isn’t what we envisioned when building The Lash Spa.

We combine a 5-star day-spa experience with lash extensions so good that you’ll sit up and say “WOW”, even after you’ve experienced it dozens of times.

We’re proud to provide a treatment so relaxing that most clients fall asleep in their private, climate controlled treatment suite in the heated, super comfy, heavy duty treatment table (not those flimsy ones that wobble just from looking at them), with vanilla caramel scents and tranquil spa music. Your neck will be hugged by our memory-foam, neck supporting pillows specially design for laying on your back and chosen from a lineup of 13 other pillows that we ordered from around the world and tested. 

You’ll awake to a perfectly styled set of lash extensions that have already been instantly cured by our super-bonder designed to work in conjunction with our own lash adhesive, so that you can get your lashes wet as soon as you’d like. No more waiting 24 hours to get them wet.

View Gallery of our Eyelash Extension Work (Applied Safely by Professionals)

Using The Best Lash Supplies Available Worldwide

As a salon that’s been around for a long time, and grown to a large size while still specialising in lash extensions we’ve been able to do a lot of testing and trialing of all our products which has allowed us to know exactly what the best are. 

We’ve done extensive testing of the lash extensions themselves, having samples sent both locally and from around the world, and have found what we believe to be the best, most consistently made, high-quality lash extensions available. This allows us to offer our clients lashes that feel fluffy, look natural, and also important is their consistency – so we can focus on perfecting your lash style. Salons with inferior extensions will need to spend extra time blending lashes if the quality is poor and inconsistent.

Our lash adhesive is made in Australia and designed to work properly in our Australian conditions. Thorough testing and scientific analysis have been done by us to compare dozens of adhesives including all the most popular brands other lash artists use, as well as everything we could find that was well-rated around the world. When we came across our Australian adhesive supplier, theirs blew everything else out of the water in terms of its ability to adhere quickly, with low fumes, and last an incredibly long time (until the natural lash sheds on its own).

In fact, we have a client who is a ‘lash extension picker’ – she has a habit of getting a nail under the end of an extension, pulling it back, and popping it off the natural lash until she’s got no extensions left. When we switched to this new adhesive she wasn’t physically able to get the extensions off without pulling out her natural lashes, so she now just leaves them alone and has broken the habit!

We Keep Our Lashing Environment Perfect All Year Round

Not only do we have our salon climate controlled so that each room sits perfectly between 21.5 and 22.4 degrees (a perfect cool feel) with an advanced air conditioning system that opens and closes vents automatically depending on the temperature in each room…

Relaxing Gold Coast Lash salon

We also have a high-tech system of humidity control which allows us to keep the whole salon between 55 and 64% relative humidity. This is extremely important because all adhesives work by pulling in moisture from the surrounding air (humidity is moisture in the air). If it’s too humid or too dry then the adhesive simply won’t work. This is true for all lash adhesives and there’s a good chance it’s the reason you’ve had lash extensions that don’t last from other salons. 

When our salon humidity gets too high, our commercial pool-grade dehumidifiers kick in and start literally turning the moisture in the air into liquid water and sending it down the drain. If the humidity gets too low, then you’ll see a box in each private treatment suite will turn on and start producing what looks like steam, but is actually water vapour being distributed into the air to boost that humidity to the perfect level.

This was a huge investment of over $50,000, and it’s something no other eyelash extensions Gold Coast salon has – but we believe it’s worth it to create the perfect environment for applying lash extensions every single day so our clients get the best possible lash retention.

Wellness Area

Feel Like You’re Walking Into a 5 Star Resort at Every Visit

We do everything we can to give each client an experience above and beyond anything they’re expecting. You’ll walk in to be greeted by one of our friendly salon coordinators and offered a lemon lychee iced tea or glass of sparkling wine while you’re guided through the checkin to select the optional complimentary extras you’d like during your treatment. You’ll wait for a few minutes (our appointments run on time so you won’t be waiting long) in our first-class wellness space with cookie bar and lychee cloud mocktails, before being greeted by your lash artist and escorted to your private treatment suite (we have 12 of these all individually designed). Our wellness space has seating for around 20, so you’ll be able to find your own private zone to properly unwind. 

A Visit From Our Massage Angels

We offer complimentary custom-scented hand massages during treatment where time permits. Imagine laying down in your treatment, already relaxed, then over the speaker a track plays gently to notify you that one of our massage angels will be entering shortly to give you a hand massage. A few moments later comes a knock at the door and she enters, giving you your choice of scented, hydrating hand lotion to use simply by asking you to inhale each scent, and then choose your favourite. The hand massage is the ultimate way to unwind and it significantly adds to the relaxation you’ll achieve during your treatment. This one is subject to availability but we do make an effort to get to as many clients as possible.

Hand Massage
Customised treatment check in

Customised Check-In

You can cater each treatment to how you’re feeling upon arrival. Whether you’re in the mood for a nap or a chat – we’ve got you covered. Take all the anxiety out of visiting a new Gold Coast lash salon as we’ve thought of everything to make your experience smooth and keep you feeling relaxed and at ease.

Lash Aftercare Program

Elevate your eyelash extensions Gold Coast experience with our comprehensive aftercare program. We believe that proper aftercare is crucial for the longevity and health of your lashes. That’s why we provide you with a specially curated aftercare gift-bag that includes everything you need to maintain your extensions, from a luxurious foaming lash wash to a lash wand for daily grooming. In addition, we offer detailed aftercare instructions and a discount for your first infill, so you can enjoy your lashes for longer. As a bonus, our membership card rewards system allows you to earn points with every visit, which you can redeem for any of our services. If you pre-book your appointments in-salon, then every 10th visit will be free.

Lash Aftercare Cleanser

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Welcome to The Lash Spa
There’s no need to know what type of eyelash extensions you want or have any prior knowledge.

You’ll enjoy a glass of sparkling wine or lychee cloud mocktail while our artists assess your eye shape and make expert recommendations.


Relax and Nap while we Transform Your Lashes

Relaxing Facial Roller during Treatment
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Our New Client Offer – Valid Until 31st of May 2024

We’re currently running a promotion for new clients with $140 worth of extras added to your appointment when booking lash extensions (infills and full sets), and lash lift and tint. These add-ons include:

  • Sweet Vanilla and Rose foot soak & hot towel wrap – $40 Value
  • Gold under-eye collagen mask – $15 value
  • Foaming lash cleanser – $30 value
  • Lip wax – $25 Value
  • Hand massage – $15 value
  • Lychee cloud mocktail – $15 Value

To claim this offer just make any booking for lash extensions or a lift and tint, and add the code ‘NEW140’ in the ‘notes’ section. We’ll see this and make the appropriate changes. Alternatively, just give us a call on 0756 891 919 and we’ll make sure the offer is added.

ONLINE: Just select any lash infill or full set, then add code NEW140 in the NOTES section when booking. We’ll add all the extra’s to your booking for you!

By Phone: Just mention code NEW140 to our friendly salon coordinators when booking and they’ll add all the extras to your booking.

Our new client offer ends soon, so book in now to make sure you don’t miss out.

We’re By Far The Most Highly Reviewed Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast Salon

The Lash Spa Eyelash Extensions
Based on 910 reviews
review us on
Today was my first appointment at Lash Spa and I can't recommend it highly enough. Beautiful salon, warm welcome and an exceptional lash and brow treatment by Georgia. I made my second appointment before I left.TLC
Love my natural looking lashes from Cassie, she knew exactly what I wanted and delivered above and beyond. I always feel so pampered at the lash spa and the lychee iced tea is delicious!
The best lash spa on the Gold Coast. Everything about this spa is beautiful from the atmosphere and decorations to the front desk ladies and lash techs. Every time I go in I am welcomed with the upmost customer service and am left feeling so relaxed. My favourite lash tech is Carly because every time she does my lashes I have little fallout and they last me up to 3 weeks. I couldn't recommend another lash tech or spa more highly than this one.
Response from the owner: WOW - thank you so much Nadine! We're over the moon to be considered the best lash salon on the GC! It's wonderful to hear that you appreciate the beautiful atmosphere, decor, and our dedicated team. We're especially proud of Carly and her exceptional service. Your satisfaction and relaxtion are what matters most and we're delighted to hear that you leave feeling refreshed every time. We truly appreciate your recommendation and can't wait to welcome you back for more pampering! Love, The Lash Spa x
Best experience I have ever had Diana was amazing and super kind definitely coming back
Love my lashes! Sia was super nice and made the experience so comfortable! I normally have quite sensitive eyes and today they barely felt a thing! I’ll definitely be back soon 🙂
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your kind words! We're thrilled to hear that you loved your lashes and that Sia provided you with a comfortable experience. We look forward to seeing you again soon!Love,The Lash Spa Team x
Amazing from when start to finish! The attention to detail, care and pampering, lovely team in this gorgeous place was divine! Incredibly happy with my lashes and in love with Lash Spa! Thank you for making me feel special every single time! And Georgia! Is amazing xxx
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Faizah - looking forward to having you back this afternoon! 🙂
Holly is the reason I can’t stop coming back! What a beautiful human she is, and SO good at what she does. Holly has the ability to make any client feel comfortable and relaxed or is also down for a great chat. No matter what I need that day Holly always gets it done. 5⭐️for HOLLY!!!!
Amazing, thanks so much for the relaxing experience! Jemma aced my eyelashes x
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Milly! We can't wait to see you again xx
I love the lash spa it is not just about have your lashes done it is about the whole pampering experience. ❤️
Response from the owner: Thank you for your 5 stars Carol! Love, The Lash Spa Team x
My experience with Keah's eyelashes is nothing short of exceptional. From the professional customer service she provides to the impeccable product quality of the glue and lashes I receive, every aspect always exceeds my expectations. Not only do the lashes enhance my beauty routine, but they also boost my confidence. Keah has undoubtedly earned a loyal customer in me!!
Definitely best place on the GC for lash extensions. Holly is a fantastic lash tech and loved how she applied my classic lashes. They look fabulous.
What an incredible experience. As a new client I was treated like royalty with many complimentary offerings. Sian, was extremely detailed in discussing the outcome I was looking for and executed to perfection. This was not like any other lash appointment at other salons, this was luxurious, can’t wait to come back. Thank you.
Response from the owner: Thank you for such glowing feedback! We're delighted to hear that you had an incredible experience and felt like royalty during your visit. It's wonderful to know that Sian provided detailed attention to your preference and delivered with perfection. We can't wait to welcome you back for another luxurious experience! Love, The Lash Spa Team x
As always, I'm thrilled with my experience at The Lash Spa. Yumi is a true lash wizard, her expertise shines through in every appointment. She not only knows her craft inside out but also takes the time to understand exactly what I want, ensuring perfect results every time. The ambiance is serene, and the staff are incredibly friendly and professional. Highly recommend booking with Yumi for anyone looking for flawless lashes.
What a wonderful experience I had today at The Lash Spa.It was my first time getting lash extensions and Jemma did such an amazing job and made the experience very comfortable. It is such an exquisite place. Beautifully decorated, you feel like a real princess.I was given an incredible free package as a first time customer with a foot soak, hand massage and lip wax!All topped off with a glass of bubbly.I can’t wait to visit again ⭐️🥰❤️
The Lash Spa is handsdown the Best lash spa on the Gold Coast. I have been going there for at least three years now maybe longer and watching them grow and the beautiful environment they create has been Sensational. In particular Holly is undoubtedly my favourite technician. Not only is Her technique excellent and proficient but her bubbly personality makes every appointment a joy. She is also happy for me to have a nap if I’m having a tired day and don’t feel like chatting. 🤩

Ready to Experience the Best Lashes of Your Life?

Make your booking now to get the best lashes of your life, along with a 5-star experience while our New Client Offer is still active.

Luxury Eyelash Extensions Made for You

The Lash Spa is made of a team of highly experienced lash artists, known for high-quality, exceptional work. We recognize that no two faces are the same, so we customize your lashes to highlight your natural and unique features. No matter how full or long you want your lashes to be, we will accommodate and tailor your lash extensions specifically to you!

Why Choose The Lash Spa?

Lash extensions can make you look and feel gorgeous by enhancing your natural beauty! When done properly, eyelash extensions can add to your already beautiful eyes.

When you choose The Lash Spa, you can rest assured that you will be getting high quality lashes that you will be super happy with.

Our lash artists are highly experienced and skilled and will give you the look you desire. All our lashes are light weight and look realistic. They are long lasting so you can enjoy beautiful, full lashes for a long period of time.

Benefits of High-Quality Eyelash Extensions

More people are getting eyelash extensions Gold Coast because of the many benefits they bring. When done correctly, they add volume to the face, making you appear more alert and youthful.

Additional benefits of eyelash extensions include:

  • Enhance your natural beauty with longer, fuller eyelashes
  • Add volume to your lashes without having to apply mascara
  • Save on time getting ready in the morning with lashes that are always ready to go!
  • Eyelash extensions are perfect for people who want to look put together while cutting back on makeup time

At The Lash Spa, we will work with you to give you the full lashes you’ve always dreamed about! We will listen to your specific needs and desires and will customize the length so they can be as dramatic or natural as you want and work closely with you to make sure you leave extremely satisfied with your lashes, feeling better than ever!

Wed Love to Meet You!

Lash extensions can boost your confidence, making you feel your best! At The Lash Spa, we love helping people feel beautiful in their own skin and would love the opportunity to help you achieve the lashes you’ve been wanting.

If you’ve been thinking about getting lash extensions, contact us for a consultation today. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated like a queen, that is why we have created a space that feels like a day spa. When you walk into The Lash Spa, you will be pampered and treated as though you are in the finest day spa.

We have luxurious essential oils wafting through the spa along with light, calming music. You will be greeted with iced tea and will receive an introductory lash cleanser and lash brush when you are finished with your treatment. We work with the best eyelash artists in the Gold Coast so we can maintain our reputation of being the best in the industry.

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For a spa-like experience and the most stunning eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast, contact The Lash Spa today. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our community and are excited to pamper you!