Our Treatcard Rewards Program

We reward our wonderful loyal clients with a generous rewards program that you'll love

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What Are TreatCard Points?

Our Lash Spa Treatcard system was created to reward loyalty and say thank you to our wonderful clients.

It’s basically like the reward card you might use at your local cafe, but a bit more advanced.

You’ll be given a Lash Spa Treatcard tag at your appointment and it will be scanned each time you visit. The points are added at 1 point per dollar spent on services.

Make sure you attach your Treatcard to your keys, or put it somewhere you’ll remember it at each appointment because the points can only be added if the tag is presented.

To redeem your points it will be 20 times the cost of the service in points. So a $50 service would cost 1000 Treatcard points, a $20 service would be 400 points etc.

DOUBLE Treatcard Points

You’ll receive DOUBLE Treatcard points if you rebook your next appointment at checkout!

That means if you rebook everytime then that’s equivalent to every 10th appointment free, or a saving of 10% off each appointment on average.

Double points can only be earned by booking at checkout. You can still reschedule the booking time and day via the app as long as there are over 12 hours until that appointment. If you cancel the upcoming appointment it will remove the bonus points received.

Treatcard reward program

We also offer 500 Treatcard points (worth $25) for any referrals – just make sure the person you referred mentions your name 🙂

You can view your Treatcard balance by using our Lash Spa app (available on both the Apple and Android App stores), and you can also book in services with the app using your treatcard points when logged in to your account, and view your Treatcard balance.

The only notes on the use of our Treatcard system are the usual ones that the points can’t be redeemed for cash, they can’t be used as partial payment of a product or service (ie, you can’t pay for an infill with half cash and half Treatcard points), and Treatcard points are not transferrable to other clients.