Salon Policies

Below are our salon policies which help us to run a smooth operation that is an enjoyable place for both clients and team members

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Thanks for taking the time to read our policies! We hope you can understand that over the years we have had to develop these policies and procedures in an effort to reduce last-minute cancellations, no-shows and other situations that are bad for our business and our clients.

By following these policies we have been able to keep our doors open and continue to give our beautiful Gold Coast clients stunning lashes!


There is a 1.2% card fee on all credit, debit or other cards to help us cover some of the transaction fees for these payment types (our provider ‘Square’ has a flat 1.9% fee which we don’t entirely pass on to our clients). We also accept cash if you would prefer to avoid the card surcharge.

We accept Afterpay with the same 1.2% fee (as with other cards) on any products or services.

Children Attending Appointments

Unfortunately, we have a no children under 12 years old attending appointments policy.

This is due to all our appointment types being based around laying on your back with your eyes closed for extended periods, so it is not possible to supervise your child. Our staff are also not trained or permitted to supervise children and our insurance will not allow us to have unsupervised children.

Our salon is a beautiful space but it is not safe for children, with things like sharp tweezers, hot wax, and strong glues in each of the treatment rooms.

We have also found it’s much better for our clients to be able to fully unwind at their appointment, kid-free and relaxed.

NOTE: This policy extends to the waiting area where we also cannot supervise or allow children under 12 years old to be without a parent supervising them.


Please do not bring pets to your lash appointment. We’re pet lovers ourselves, but allergies are common and we’d hate to have a client leave an appointment sneezing due to a pet in the salon earlier that day. And as with the children, your eyes will be shut for up to an hour or more meaning you can’t properly supervise them.

Changes to Lash and Brow Artist

We do our best to keep you with the lash and brow artist that you booked with, and 95% of the time that won’t change. However, due to things like team members having sick days or unexpected scheduling issues we may need to move your booking to another lash and brow artists – but rest assured that we’ll always put you with someone of equal skill level, and with detailed notes on how you like your lashes or brows plus all the same products and equipment, you’ll get the same beautiful results that you’re used to while getting to try someone new.

Booking Fee

To secure a booking in salon, over the phone or via the app we ask for a $1.25 booking fee which is deducted from the total appointment cost. The appointment can be rescheduled or the booking fee 100% refunded when 6 hours or more notice is given and can be paid via cash or credit card. This booking fee is transferrable if you move your appointment, and refundable if you cancel your appointment with at least 6 hours notice.

There is no fee to reschedule or cancel a booking when at least 6 hours notice is given, and you can do it easily from within our Lash Spa app with a few clicks anytime day or night.
Note: Trying to cancel or reschedule a booking from the app within our 6-hour cancellation window will not work and fees will apply.

Sunday Surcharge

We are one of the only Gold Coast salons open on a Sunday due to the very high cost of wages on Sunday (around $70 per hour). To help cover this cost we have a small 5% Sunday surcharge which only applies to services (not products) that will be automatically added at checkout. This 5% surcharge is waived for new clients on a Sunday.

Any discount codes or offers can also not be used on Sundays.

Payment Plans

We offer a variety of payment plans at The Lash Spa. There are no additional fees when using payment plans like AfterPay, and you can simply tap your AfterPay card/digital card like you would any other card.

Last Minute Cancellation/ No-Show Policy

  • First and second last-minute cancellation: Giving less than 6 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a booking means there will be a booking fee equal to 50% of the total booking.
  • Third and any future last-minute cancellations: If you have previously had 2 or more last-minute cancellation fees, further fees will be charged at 100% of the booking price and online booking access via our app and our website will be disabled. To make future bookings a 100% upfront booking fee will be required over the phone via credit card.
  • Sunday last-minute cancellation/no-show: Due to the incredibly high cost of wages on Sundays any last-minute cancellations (with less than 6 hours notice) or no-shows on a Sunday will be charged at 100% of the booking including the 5% Sunday surcharge.

Unfortunately, we cannot waive these fees due to unforeseen circumstances such as cars breaking down, personal family reasons, health issues, or anything else – it’s non-negotiable, and so if you’re not certain you can make it to your appointment (for example if your workplace may call you in for a shift or you have a child in daycare or school who may be sent home sick with no other care option than yourself) then it’s best to book a time when you know you will be able to make your appointment. Or try a spur of the moment booking on a less busy day like a Monday or Tuesday to see if we have availability, rather than booking in advance and forgetting about your appointment until it’s too late.

We do understand that life gets busy and things can unexpectedly come up, but as a small business we have that time set aside with staff who need to be paid and many other running costs so we feel that our cancellation fees are very reasonable, requiring only 6 hours notice to move/cancel a booking (many salons require 24 to 48 hours!) – if you ever do a last-minute cancellation or no-show please know that there’s never any hard feelings! We always look forward to seeing you back in the salon and appreciate all our wonderful clients 🙂

Cancelling a booking due to Covid-19 – After incurring losses continuously for 3 years, our company cannot continue to waive no-show fees for cold and flu symptoms or covid-19. Unfortunately, we receive so many last minute cancellations using covid-19 as an excuse that we’ve had to implement firm policies to ensure we can pay our staff. Our cancellation window is very generous which is 6 hours (other businesses in our industry require 24-48 hours). For example, if you have a 9:30am booking – you have the ability to cancel or reschedule that booking until 3:30am the morning of your appointment, which we believe is plenty of time if you are starting to feel cold and flu symptoms to reschedule your booking. The salon does not need to be open to receive your call to move the booking as you can reschedule with the click of a button from our online booking system or app. You also cannot send an email to reschedule since we may not read it until the next day – please make any changes with our online booking system or app here.

We understand there are some rare instances where you may develop cold and flu symptoms within the 6 hour period. In those cases we still cannot waive the fee. Our no-show fees will still be applicable regardless of your diagnosis so we can cover our staff member’s wage. That booking slot has been reserved for your appointment whether you come or not. If you think there’s a chance you may develop cold and flu symptoms within the 6 hour window – it would be a better idea to book a same-day appointment when you are certain you will be healthy enough to attend the booking.

The Lash Spa often keeps a team member available for same-day appointments. With these policies in mind we ask you to please think carefully whether you can agree to this policy before booking in and confirming an appointment as we are firm on these policies.

If you receive a positive covid-19 test within our 6 hour cancellation fee window – You are required to abide by the government guidelines and isolate at home until you are well. There will still be cancellation fees applicable as the team member has been reserved for you and needs to be paid.

Canceling Part of a Service During Within 6 hours – Since each appointment slot will reserve a team member, and a private treatment room for the entirety of your booking, it is not possible to cancel part of an appointment or downgrade to a lesser service within 6 hours of that booking. If you do, then our normal cancellation/no-show policy will be used (which you can read about above) so you will either be charged 50% of that service (or the difference in service price), or 100% depending on the day or amount of no-shows the client has done.

For example, if you’ve booked a full set of lashes ‘just in case’ you do need a full set, and then decide a few hours before that you actually only need a lash infill, then you will still be charged for the infill plus 50% to 100% of the difference between the infill and full set. Another example is if you book a lash infill with brows and then decide you don’t need the brows anymore – you will still be required to pay 50% to 100% of the brows since that time has been reserved for your appointment.

You can however replace a service with another service of the same value if time permits – for example you could swap out a brow shape and replace it with a lash boost instead.

If you are unsure of what service to book, then please don’t hesitate to give our friendly and skilled reception team a call on 0756891919 – they will be able to guide you on the correct service to book.

No-Showing or cancelling a complimentary touch-up

If a client is booked in for a complimentary touch-up service to rectify any issues from a previous appointment and then does a no-show or last-minute cancellation we cannot offer another appointment at no cost. Please do not book an appointment if you’re not certain you can make it.

Appointment Timezone

The Lash Spa is located in Varsity Lakes, Queensland and as such, ALL appointment times seen on the app or online booking system, or those sent via text, email or viewed within the app are in QLD’s AEST (Australia Eastern Standard Time) – if you’re coming to us from another timezone (such as clients from NSW who for part of the year switch to Daylight Savings Time AEDT – Australian Eastern Daylight Time) then any time conversion is the clients responsibility.

No matter where you’re viewing our app or online booking system from (even if you’re on the other side of the world) the appointment times will always show in AEST. So for example, if the app or online booking system says 1pm, then that is at 1pm here in QLD – you will also receive a text and email with your booking info, and a confirmation the day before your appointment – all of these will be in AEST time.

If you’re unsure then please call us to book, or to double-check your appointment time.

Please understand we do not have the ability to know where each client lives and send any in a different timezone a converted appointment time.

Treat Points Validity

Treat points are our system for rewarding regular clients with free services where each dollar you spend on service equals one treat point – basically, every 10th appointment will be covered by treat points if you book your next treatment in salon! (booking in salon gets you double points) However, these points will expire if an account remains inactive for a 6-month period. So if a client doesn’t make any visits to the salon for a 6-month period, their treat balance will be automatically reset.

If you don’t bring your Treatcard to appointments and we are unable to scan it then we will not be able to add the points at a later date – so if you’re worried you’ll lose it then you can store a photo of the barcode on your phone which we can scan at checkout. If you’ve lost your Treatcard then a replacement is just $2.

Service Animal Policy for The Lash Spa

At The Lash Spa, we are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our spa guests, including those who require the assistance of service animals. We adhere to the principles outlined in the Anti-Discrimination Act for Disabilities and Service Dogs. To ensure the comfort and safety of all our clients and staff, we have established the following policy for the acceptance of service animals:

Handler’s Card Presentation:

  • Clients accompanied by a service animal must present their valid handler’s card upon entry. This helps us confirm that the animal is indeed a trained service animal.

Service Animal Placement:

  • To maintain a clean and sanitary environment, we request that the service animal stays on a provided towel while inside the premises. This measure is to prevent additional cleaning and ensure the comfort of other clients.
  • We kindly ask that service animals remain on the floor while in our treatment suites, as our procedures involve working with clients’ eyes. This is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of both the service animal and the client.

Trained Service Animals:

  • We expect that service animals visiting The Lash Spa have undergone official service dog training. Trained service animals are typically capable of following instructions, including remaining on the floor as requested.


  • We understand that each individual’s needs may vary, and we are committed to making reasonable accommodations whenever possible. If a client has specific requests or requirements for their service animal, we encourage them to contact us in advance, allowing us to discuss and make necessary arrangements to ensure a positive experience for all parties involved.

Safety and Etiquette:

  • Clients with service animals are responsible for maintaining control and supervision of their animals at all times.
  • If a service animal’s behaviour poses a risk to the safety or well-being of other clients or staff, we may need to address the situation appropriately to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these policies. By implementing these guidelines, we aim to provide a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment for all our clients, including those who rely on the assistance of service animals.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please feel free to contact us in advance via email to We look forward to serving you at The Lash Spa.

Coupons, Vouchers, and Promotional Gift Cards

We occasionally send out offers to clients who opt-in to our marketing mailing list, or put promotional gift cards in goodie bags at events around the Gold Coast. These are valid anytime except Sundays and during the month of December.

This does not include regular gift cards loaded with cash (which are treated just like any other form of payment so can be used anytime)

Please note that some of the promotional gift cards will also have specific terms designated to that offer with a url printed on the card directing clients to those terms.

Waiting list

We are generally booked out on Thursday to Saturday – especially before events such as Easter, Christmas and New Years. If you’d like to come and see us for an appointment and have left it a little late, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone on 0756 891 919 – we may be able to shuffle another appointment by 5-10 minutes to make space for you to get in.

We have a waiting list where you are first in line for when appointments become available!

Arriving to your appointment late

We strongly urge clients to arrive to their appointments at the scheduled time, or around 5 minutes early. To keep our day running smoothly we do stick strictly to appointment times. Late arrival will result in a shorter treatment time. Less time = fewer lashes. Clients will be expected to pay the full treatment cost.

Arriving late to an appointment that cannot be shortened due to product processing time (e.g. lash lift and tint, brow lamintion), may result in your appointment being rescheduled and missed appointment fees applied.

Bringing friends to your appointment

We don’t mind if you bring a friend or family member to your appointment, however, seating is limited in the reception area and we need to ensure there is enough seating for our clients, so we will ask that during your appointment they either wait in your treatment room or go to one of the local cafes or even sit by the beautiful lake.

Quality Control

From time to time we will do quality control checks on the work of our team members – even those who have been with us for years. This is to ensure consistently incredible levels of work being produced by our team. A quality control check is quick, simple, and quiet so you may not even notice. Basically, a team member will just enter the treatment room near the end of a service to have a quick look at the result. You may feel your lash artist comb through your lashes to display there are zero stickies, evenness of application, and symmetry.

Please be assured these checks are not due to lash artists being new or inexperienced – we only have talented and experienced technicians as part of The Lash Spa team – this is simply the best way to ensure we keep our standards higher than our clients expectations.

Right to refuse service

We reserve the right to refuse service if a client arrives to their appointment intoxicated or under the influence of substances. If The Lash Spa staff are made to feel uncomfortable by a client in any way, we will politely refuse service.

If your lash goals are unrealistic e.g, not something offered in our lash gallery or packages – We may ask you to look elsewhere for a salon who are able to give you the desired look. Unfortunately, some salons apply thick, heavy lashes that will without a doubt cause damage to your lashes (pulling them out before the natural lash cycle is at its end). Our goal is to provide lashes that can be worn on an ongoing basis while maintaining healthy natural lashes.

If a client has lashes that are unsuitable for extensions, such as those with a recently done lash perm, or those with very few natural lashes due to damage we ask for that to be mentioned before making a booking so we can assess if an appointment would be suitable. If a client arrives and we find that their lashes aren’t suitable for extensions right now we will suggest they wait 2-6 weeks (depending on damage) before applying extensions.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our lashes are the best. However, if we suspect a client has arrived to an appointment with the intention of taking advantage of our guarantee then we will not proceed with the appointment. It’s extremely rare for anyone to take advantage of our guarantee, but having such a strong guarantee backing the quality of our lash extensions does open us up to some unscrupulous people. Our guarantee will not apply to clients with known lash adhesive or other allergies – allergies are out of our control so cannot be included in the guarantee. Please read our refund policy below in great detail.


If a client requests a refund for any reason, future bookings from that client will be prohibited and that user account will be disabled – this is simply because if we’ve failed to provide you with lashes you love and you’ve requested a refund, then we don’t want to have the same thing happen in future so save both your time and ours. Requesting a refund of your service will void future booking opportunities at The Lash Spa. We always do everything in our power to provide amazing quality services and always go above and beyond to ensure our clients are happy, but we cannot offer a refund more than once.

Premature Lash Extension Loss

If you follow our lash extension aftercare guidelines which your lash technician will go over with you, then your extensions should not fall off early.

If for some reason you are experiencing extensions falling off right after your appointment we will offer a complimentary touch-up, but it can only be done within 48 hours of your initial appointment. This will allow us to try to figure out the cause and add back the extensions.

We have this policy because in the past we’ve had people try to take advantage of our guarantee to get a free infill by waiting several weeks and then saying “I lost all my lashes within days”.

We know our lashes shouldn’t fall our prematurely because we do well over 100 sets of extensions each week and almost never have this complaint – so when we do get a “my lashes are falling out” message we know it’s a matter of figuring out what could be happening post-appointment to cause them to fall.