Best Lashes Guaranteed

We're so confident you'll love the lashes we create that we back them with a full guarantee

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At The Lash Spa, the service we provide is perfect eyelash extensions, and we believe we’re the best on the Gold Coast.

This belief comes from the feedback we get from our clients, along with the feedback they get from the public – we’re always getting referrals from women who see our work and ask “where did you get your lashes done?”. The reason we get results like that is because we put in a great deal of effort to give every client a set of lashes tailored perfectly to their own eye shape, face shape, and personality.

So here’s our ‘Best Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast’ Guarantee!

If you get a full set of eyelash extensions from the Lash Spa and don’t believe it’s the best set you’ve ever had, then simply show us a photo of lashes you had in the past that were better, and we’ll refund the full cost of your extensions – no questions asked, and no hard feelings. We believe that if we’re not doing the best work you’ve ever seen then you shouldn’t have to pay a cent – there’s no point making bold claims if you can’t back them up, right?

And sure that will open us up to some dishonest people a few times a year, but it’s worth the risk to “put our lashes where our mouth is” so to speak.

I hope to see you in the salon soon so you can decide if ours truly are the best lash extensions on the Gold Coast!


Best Lashes Guaranteed

Note: This guarantee does not apply for:

1. infilling work from other salons since many salons don’t have the same high standards, and often the only solution is a full lash removal

2. ‘change of mind’ – meaning if you requested full volume and decide it’s too much, or light and natural and decide it’s not enough. Or if you choose the wrong style, for example if you get the ‘doll eye’ style, but decide you would prefer the ‘cat eye’ that isn’t covered by our guarantee. We will always do our best to advise you on the perfect style and volume to suit your needs but if you simply change your mind after the lashes are on we can’t offer a refund. 

3. If you’re getting lashes for the first time and simply decide that you don’t like extensions in general then we can’t offer a refund in this situation.

4. Our refund policy only applies to clients with healthy natural eyelashes. If you’ve been to another salon that has damaged your natural lashes then we can only work with what you have remaining and the guarantee will not apply.

4. If you’re late to your appointment by more than 5 minutes the guarantee won’t apply since we’re unable to ensure that your lashes will be as full as we’d like – we really need the entire appointment time to complete the set so it’s vital that you arrive on time without mascara on. We will however do our best to make up for any lost time, but we generally can’t work longer than your appointment window because that would impact the next clients appointment time.

5. the guarantee must be claimed within 48 hours of your appointment. If you’re not thrilled with your lashes then you should let us know right away and we’ll either fix any issues you have or send you a refund.