About The Lash Spa

The Lash Spa has been evolving since 2011 when founder Melissa Bergen started a small eyelash extensions business from a spare room in her home and at the time she was one of only a few doing lashes in Australia.


Since then the industry has grown along with the popularity of lashes. Where they once were an uncommon sight, they’ve now become almost the norm with most women because of their ability to create subtle, natural beauty without needing much maintenance – allowing you to wear less makeup and look glamorous all day long…


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Over the years The Lash Spa has evolved to be a little more like a day spa – and that’s where the name comes from.

We noticed that a lot of beauty treatments were morphing into very sterile and impersonal services, in an attempt to appear more professional and exclusive – which we believe isn’t what many clients want…

So we decided to go the other way and to create the most relaxing experience possible during your eyelash extensions appointment because we know that the 30-60 minutes you get laying down on the lash table is one of your greatest opportunities to fully unwind…

We have delicious smelling essential oils wafting through the room, calming music, incredibly comfy treatment tables (that might put your own bed to shame), and little treats like our special iced tea on arrival and a goodie bag ready for your departure. You’ll also get a Collagen under-eye treatment applied while your lashes are being done to help reduce any fine-lines, redness or puffiness – because it’s the perfect opportunity to add a little luxury and pampering.

The Lash Spa has now grown into a thriving community with a foundation built by doing the best lashes on the Gold Coast – we get the majority of our clients through referrals because when women see our work they want to know “who did your lashes?”.

And our amazing lash extensions brings us to our lash technicians…

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