Wispy Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast

You'll love our wispy lashes, with elite artists who can turn any set, from light to full into wispy perfection

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What are wispy eyelash extensions?

“Wispy lashes” refer to eyelash extensions that have purposefully had texture and wispiness added into the set to create a whimsical effect. Wispy Eyelash Extensions are incredibly popular and very on-trend at the moment on the Gold Coast. It’s no surprise why, they just look stunning! Keep reading to find out if wispy eyelash extensions may be the perfect choice for you…

Max Volume Wispy lash extensions

How is the wispy lash effect created?

Wispy lashes done well can look absolutely stunning and be the perfect enhancement for clients seeking a unique lash effect that gives the “WOW” factor.

“Wispiness” is created as they don’t look as symmetrical and blocky as traditional eyelash extensions Gold Coast, and take a great deal of skill to achieve the perfect outcome. You can trust The Lash Spa professionals to curate the perfect set of wispies as our team are all Elite stylists with thousands of hours of lash extension experience under their belt.

Wispy Eyelash Extensions

Our Elite Gold Coast artists create wispy lashes in a variety of ways. Firstly, we have some ‘promade’ wispy lash fans that have been handmade and crafted with a thick classic “spike” in the middle, and lighter softer lashes on either side.

We also create handmade fans using advanced techniques to craft what is referred to as a “Wispy spike”. Furthermore, depending on the intensity of the wispy effect the client is seeking – we can add a premade spike for perfect wispy placement.

Hybrid wispy lash extensions

This is all getting a little bit technical, and our clients don’t need to worry about what we’re doing behind-the-scenes to create the wispy look. All you need to know, is that at The Lash Spa, our team are artisans and purists when it comes to to eyelash extensions.

How much are Wispy Eyelash Extensions?

Wispy lashes is an add-on to a Full set or an Infill. The add-on price is just $30.

Wispy Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

Note: this cannot be booked as a standalone appointment and must be added to either a full set or infill when booking.

Inclusions in your Wispy Eyelash Extension on the Gold Coast at The Lash Spa:

  • your own luxury private treatment suite (no laying next to any customers or in a big communal room full of beds)
  • experienced elite artist with years of eyelash extension knowledge and wispy lash creation under their belt
  • heated comfy bed with cloud pillows & blankets – you will fall asleep!
  • our famous lemon lychee iced tea upon arrival with Ferrero Rocher
  • relax in our wellness zone and enjoy a complimentary foot soak with flower petals upon your first visit
  • complimentary 24k gold under-eye mask at first visit
  • vanilla caramel hand massage in-treatment
  • lavender hot towel ritual
  • rose quartz facial massage
  • gorgeous wispy lashes crafted in a sterile, safe environment
  • divine spa ambience with tranquil water fountain
  • entry into our generous loyalty program where every 10th treatment is free simply be rebooking your next treatment before you leave the spa
  • lash perfection guaranteed! If you’re not satisfied with the results, let us know and we will redo it until you are. If we still can’t get it right, then you will receive a 100% refund. That’s how confident we are that we are the best at what we do