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The best volume lashes on the Gold Coast thanks to our high-quality soft, fluffy, natural-looking lash extensions and our Elite level lash artists

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Searching for Volume eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’re specialists in volume lashes at The Lash Spa.

We’ve tested dozens of different volume lash suppliers from around the world and have found the highest quality stock, which is then applied by our elite-level artists in our beautifully decorated Gold Coast salon.

Volume Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

What Are Volume Lashes

Compared to classic lash extensions, which are one single extension that is attached to one natural lash, volume lashes are still getting attached to one natural lash, but they fan out into 2 or more strands, creating the fan.

Usually the fan will be between 3D, meaning the lash splits into three strands, up to around 14D (splits into 14 strands). However we’ve seen some mega full fans that go up 30D and probably beyond.

At The Lash Spa it’s our preference to stick between 3D and 7D, then going up to 14D for our Max Volume clients who like a lot of volume and already have strong natural lashes.

Should You Choose Volume Eyelashes?

Our volume set is called ‘Dreamy Volume’ and it’s our most popular set of lashes in the salon. That’s because it gives the perfect amount of volume for most women – it’s not too light and not too full – it’s just right.

Around 60% of our clients choose our Dreamy Volume set, and even though it creates a good amount of volume, it’s still very lightweight and won’t cause any damage to your natural lashes.

Volume lashes are also perfect for those with some gaps in their natural lashes, because the fans can easily hide those gaps.

How Much Volume Do You Want?

Volume eyelash extensions simply means that volume fans are used over the whole lash line. The volume you get depends on the volume of the fans used. So you can really tailor the set to your own taste. If you ask for a set of 3D volume fans you’ll have a much lighter set than if you asked for 7D fans for example.

The Lash Spa ‘Dreamy Volume’ Set

Our Dreamy Volume set is a full set of 7D fans in different lengths to create a style that will suit your eye and face shape. We love the 7D’s because they are perfectly symmetrical and the results we’ve seen since we introduced them have been incredible for our clients.

We can also tailor this set to your preferences by reducing the volume with some lighter fans or increasing it with some fuller fans – your elite lash artist will consult with you to design a set that perfectly suits you.

Gold Coast Volume Lashes
Turning a Volume Set into a Wispy Set

Our Dreamy Volume set can also be turned into a Wispy Volume set by adding our ‘Wispy’ add-on. With this we will add wispy specific fans to your set which will significantly add to the texture of the set, giving a more stand-out effect without sacrificing any volume.

Can I Transition From Another Lash Set to Volume Lashes?

Yes, volume lashes are one of the easiest sets to transition in and out of because they’re not extremely full, and not light either. So you could go from a classic natural set, up to a volume within 2 infills, and the same goes for transitioning down from a Max Volume set and reducing the volume a Dreamy Volume – it would take 2 infills to get it all the way there, but it would look incredible the whole time.

How To Care for Volume Lash Extensions

The most important thing is to brush them fairly regularly with a small lash wand or spoolie brush. Since the extensions should lay flat following the lash line, if they get twisted during sleep or while touching them then they won’t look as good. Fixing them is as simple as running a lash wand over them and they’ll be back to perfect again.

As for other aftercare, they’re just like any other lash set. Keep them clean with a pH-balanced oil-free foaming lash cleanser used daily, and avoid any oil-based products that could get on the extensions and cause the adhesive to lose its bond.

Swimming and showering are fine right away if you’ve had them applied by The Lash Spa since we use an advanced adhesive and sealant at the end of your treatment to fully cure the glue immediately.

Natural Volume Lashes
Volume Lashes
How to Book Volume Lashes on the Gold Coast With Us

You can book via our online booking system here, or give us a call in-salon on 0756 891 919 to book your Gold Coast eyelash extensions with our friendly salon coordinators.

We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!

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