Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

Achieving perfect hybrid lashes on the Gold Coast with our combination of classic and 3D fans styled flawlessly by elite lash artists

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The Perfect Combo

If you’re looking for Hybrid lash extensions on the Gold Coast then you’ve found the right place. The Lash Spa has been awarded best lash extensions on the Gold Coast and we specialise in hybrid eyelash extensions perfectly styled to suit your own unique eye and face shape.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

What Are Hybrid Lashes

You may already know, but hybrid eyelash extensions are a combination of classic lash extensions (which are just like single natural lashes, but longer), mixed with volume fans (which are like one eyelash at the base, fanning out to 2 or more parts, generally 3 to 10) – making it a hybrid of the two lash types. 

This combination gives a textured and natural look to the lashes, sometimes called ‘wispy lashes’. However hybrid lashes aren’t as ‘wispy’ as a full wispy set of lashes.

Also, they’re lighter than volume lashes, but more full than classic lash extensions – being a combination of the two types of lashes, they can’t be made as full as volume lashes alone since a classic lash extension can of course only add length and not volume.

Should You Choose Hybrid Eyelashes?

If you’re looking for a light, more textured, and some would say a more natural-looking set of lashes then hybrid lashes might be perfect for you. 

Because of how natural hybrid lashes look they’re perfect for women in corporate or professional careers such as lawyers, doctors, nurses and even teachers. 

Lash Spa Hybrid Light Set

The set we do in the salon is called our Hybrid Light set and it’s a combination of classic lashes mixed with 3D volume fans (which means it’s a single lash at the base, fanning out to 3 lashes at the end). We’ve found these work perfectly together because the 3D fan is symmetrical, having a middle lash and two outer lashes.

Of all our lash sets, our Hybrid Light comprises of around 20% of what our clients choose in the salon. Compared to our other sets, the Dreamy Volume is around 50%, Max Volume is 15% and Natural Classic also 15%.

Hybrid Volume Lashes Gold Coast
Turning a Hybrid Set into a Wispy Set

As previously mentioned, the Hybrid lash extensions can already be classed as a wispy set, especially if staggered lengths are used to emphasize it more…

However, when doing a hybrid wispy set we will add our own wispy specific lashes which are designed to be shaped more like an arrow at the end, rather than a line which a traditional volume fan is. This creates much more of that wispy variation that clients are looking for and also allows us to add extra volume if that’s what the client is after.

Can I Transition From Another Lash Set?

It depends what you’ve currently got on. If you’ve got a very full-volume set, then it may not be possible since the hybrid set is lighter. However if you’ve got classic lashes or a medium-volume set of fans, then it’s certainly possible to transition. Talk to an experienced lash technician to get their advice if a removal and new set would be needed.

Is Aftercare Different?

Aftercare is the same as any other type of lash set. Keep them clean with a pH-balanced foaming cleanser, massage in gently and rinse every day or two. Keep oily products away from them, and give them a brush in the morning and throughout the day if needed. 

Brushing your hybrid lashes is probably a little more important than other lash sets because you want to keep nice separation between the classic and volume fans to ensure they stay looking natural and fresh!

How to Book With Us

You can book via our online booking form, or give us a call on 0756 891 919 – and just book the Hybrid Light set – either an infill or full set. We also do infill other salons work, however depending on the quality of their extensions and since ours are such high quality there may be a difference in the two until your next infill with us.

We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!

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