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At The Lash Spa, we believe that perfect eyelash extension application is only part of the service – a huge and integral part in getting your new lashes to last is aftercare. We equip our beautiful clients with everything they need to know when it comes to caring for their new extensions. This is why we gift our first-time clients an aftercare goodie bag.

Our new client goodie bag contains a full-size foaming lash cleanser and detailed aftercare instructions. This is a custom-blend foaming cleanser made in-house to ensure it is always at optimal freshness.

lash cleanser aftercare

Inside your complimentary goodie bag, you will find:

  • A full size foaming cleanser in a shiny, gold lash spa foaming pump bottle
  • A $10 coupon for your next visit
  • Detailed aftercare instructions
  • A chocolate treat for the drive home
  • Your loyalty card loaded with points from your first visit
  • A shower reminder card
  • A bamboo eco-friendly lash wand

The aftercare goodie bag is complimentary at your first appointment with us if you’re a new client getting a full set. We also extend this gift to local Gold Coaster’s who are coming to see us for a lash infill (even if their extensions were applied elsewhere).

aftercare eyelash extensions

There are a few extra products we recommend clients to use which can be purchased separately or in our gorgeous pink kit called The Essentials Kit. This kit was designed with lash longevity in mind and is highly recommended to grab at your first visit. To set yourself up for long-lasting lashes from the start.

Insider the Essentials Kit, you will find:

  • A 3D Lash Contour Sleep Mask (protects the lashes during the night if you tend to sleep on your face, side or like to roll around a fair bit)
  • A soft-bristle cleansing brush for use with your lash spa foaming cleanser
  • A gold crystal lash detangler which is designed with a handy lid to keep it hygienic
  • A pink crystal lash detangler with lid
  • A soothing gold under-eye treatment as a little extra spa treat to take home
  • An upgrade for your next appointment including a divine hot-towel treatment and lash bath (free with kit purchase).

The Lash Spa highly recommends these products in order to extend the life of your lashes, especially if you plan to extend the time between infill/touch up appointments. Clients can extend their infill time by one week (4 week touch ups instead of 3) by following our aftercare instructions and using our lash products.

How should I care for my new lash extensions?

  • Keep the lashes dry and free from moisture for 24 hours after application
  • Do not tug, pull or twist the extensions
  • Comb the lashes in the morning using a lash spa detangling brush or your bamboo lash wand
  • Cleanse the lashes regularly every 2-3 days
  • Pre Book appointments in-salon so that you don’t forget to come back and leave it too long between infills

So now you know how to care for your new eyelash extensions!