Max Volume Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast

Our Max Volume Lash Extensions are designed in a style to perfectly match your own eye and face shape with perfect results everytime

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We’re the Max Volume Lashes Specialists

If you’re searching for max volume eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast, The Lash Spa is the salon to choose. We specialise in super full volume lashes without going over the top. We give you lashes with a lot of volume in a style that compliments your unique eye and face shape.

Max Volume Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

What Are Max Volume Lashes

Sometimes called Mega Volume Lashes, are simply eyelash extensions with a lot of volume. The volume is created by using a more voluminous lash fan. The fan is basically like a single lash at one end, but is split into 2 or more parts at the other end. The amount of splits in each lash is described by a number followed by ‘D’ – so an extension with 5 splits would be a 5D fan.

While regular volume lashes would use something between a 3D and 9D, max volume lash extensions are generally 10D or higher.

Should You Choose Max Volume Eyelashes?

Any good salon will check their clients lash health before applying max volume lashes. Since they’re fuller, that means they’re also heavier, and because of that you will need strong, healthy lashes to hold them. If they’re applied to weak or brittle natural lashes, the lashes could snap, prematurely fall out, or the extensions may simply just not last long.

But if you do have strong, healthy natural lashes and you’re looking for a very full set of extensions that draws as much attention to your beautiful eyes, then max volume lashes will be your best option.

Properly done they will provide a lot of extra volume, along with added length in a style that emphasises your eyes in a most stunning way.

Our Max Volume Lash Set

After many years in the industry we’ve realised the optimal volume for mega volume lashes is 14D in a 0.05mm base width, so that’s what we use. The extensions we use are of an incredibly high quality too, so even though they’re very full, they’re not too heavy so won’t damage your natural lashes (some of the lower quality extensions out there can be far too heavy).

To create a stronger effect you can increase the length of the extensions, but the maximum length we can apply extensions is determined by the length of your natural lashes – you couldn’t put a 15mm extension on a 3mm natural lash for example – but your lash technician can tell you exactly what lengths will be suitable for you. 

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Can I Transition From Another Lash Set to Max Volume Lashes?

Yes, we often have clients have transition between our Dreamy volume lashes (which they’ll wear for their day to day look), and our Max Volume lashes (which they’ll go up to for events) regularly. The comparison between our Dreamy and Max volume is the difference between a 7D extension and a 14D extension, so it will look roughly twice as full.

How To Care for Mega Volume Lash Extensions

Because mega-volume lash extensions are quite wide at their fullest point, they are also the most susceptible to twisting after rubbing your eyes or laying on a pillow. That’s easily corrected with a quick brush. Just keep a lash brush in your bag, and touch them up whenever you need to – it only takes a few seconds.

Also since there is a lot more volume than your natural lashes, there’s more area for bacteria to form – however don’t be worried, all you need to do is give them a gentle wash with lash cleanser each evening and you’ll never have an issue. 

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How to Book Max Volume Lashes With Us

Booking is simple at The Lash Spa – to get your max volume eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast just click here to use our online booking system, or call our friendly salon coordinators on 0756 891 919 during opening hours and they can help you with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!

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