Classic Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast

Our Classic Lashes are applied in a style to perfectly suit your eye and face shape - giving a natural enhancement to your whole eye area

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We Specialise in Natural Lashes

If you’re looking for classic natural eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast, then The Lash Spa is the right place, because we’re specialists at perfectly applying classic lashes to create the very natural look that you’re after while still having the ability to design a lash style that suits your eye and face shape.

Classic Natural Eyelash Extensions

What Are Classic Lashes

They are the first type of lash extensions to exist. When lash extensions were first dreamed up, they aimed to mimic a natural eyelash as closely as possible, but making it a little longer to allow the ‘extension’ of the natural lash.

So classic lashes are simply just like your own eyelashes. It’s a single strand of lash that looks just like your natural lash, but a little longer. It’s then adhered to your natural lash to extend it. This simply makes your own lashes look longer.

Classics can also increase volume a little depending on the thickness of the extension chosen. So a very light 0.05mm extension would only add length, but a 0.2mm extension would add length and a little volume.

Should You Choose Classic Eyelashes?

If you’re after the most natural lash extensions possible then classic lashes are for you. They’re a great introduction to extensions because they feel very light (you won’t even notice them), and they still allow a good lash artist to design them in a shape to help emphasise your eyes.

Lash Spa Classic Natural Lash Set

In our Classic Natural Set we apply our own Lash Spa 0.15mm or 0.20mm classic lashes from inner to outer corner in a C or D curl.

We always ensure that the extensions are being applied only to the natural lashes which are in the right stage of growth, and not to any baby lashes (which can cause irritation and damage). 

Our lash artists will help you decide on a style that suits your eye shape and can be anything from the ‘cat eye’ which adds extra volume at the outer corners, or the ‘open eye’ which helps hooded eyes to appear more open immediately, among other styles.

Classic eyelash extensions Gold Coast
Can I Transition From Another Lash Set to Classic Lashes?

If you’ve got volume lashes on at the moment then you will be able to transition down to a classic natural set, however it may take two infills to get down to a complete classic set (since your natural lashes are roughly on a 6 week shedding cycle).

If you want the Classic Natural results right away then we can always do a removal and new set to have them looking perfect as soon as you leave the salon.

How To Care for Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lashes are the easiest to care for. Since they’re just single lashes they can’t really get twisted, but we still recommend giving them a brush daily with a lash wand, and also cleansing every day or two with a pH-balanced foaming cleanser. Also, make sure you keep any products with oil such as moisturisers away from your lashes because it can weaken the bond of the adhesive.

How to Book Classic Lashes With Us

To get Classic Natural Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast then use our online booking form here, or call our friendly salon coordinators on 0756 891 919.

We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!

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