Lash Extension Packages

How can we guarantee the best lashes on the Gold Coast?

Complimentary undereye collagen anti-wrinkle treatment with every appointment.

Our lash technicians all have thousands of hours ‘lashing’ experience, so their skills are unmatched.

We optimise the salons’ temperature and humidity so the lash glue works perfectly and your lashes last longer.

We use the highest quality lashes, glue and tools available all fully sterilised for every client.

Our salon is styled by an award winning interior designer, including a floor to ceiling flower wall!

Our lash table is of higher quality (and comfier) than most beds, so you’ll have no trouble unwinding.

You leave with a goodie bag including our  own lash cleanser to keep your lashes clean.


We optimise every part of your visit, from relaxing music to aromatherapy. It’s really is like a day spa.

So now you know why we’re worth more – if you want the best lashes on the Gold Coast then you’ve found them here 🙂

$20 off all full sets
until March 31st

Dreamy Lash

Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

Dreamy Lash

Looking for subtle glamour, effortless natural beauty and light lash extensions that you forget are even there?…

Then the Dreamy Lash is your package of choice!

Characterised by a combo of single and 3D Russian volume extensions designed give you a much lighter and fluffier lash than the traditional ‘single mink only’ extensions that were popular when extensions were in their early stages.

We’ll tailor the lash to your eye and use a variety of lengths along the lash to mimic the natural lash cycle and avoid the fake look.


$140 (Until March 31st)

Volume Blend

Volume Blend Eyelash Extensions

Volume Blend

Do you want your eyes to ‘pop’ while maintaining that natural appearance? Just like your natural lashes but better in every way!

Then the Volume Blend is your go-to package.

The trick here is by blending both 3D and 6D extensions throughout the lash line you’ll get a full appearance without adding thickness to each individual lash (known as the ‘straw lash effect’ in the industry).

The Volume Blend is for you if you want something ‘in-between’. Not too much fullness, yet you still want your lashes and eyes to draw in attention and be noticed for their beauty.


$140 (Until March 31st)

Full Volume

Full Volume Eyelash Extensions

Full Volume

So you love to stand out and be noticed? You’re not afraid to have people stop you in the streets and ask about your lashes…

Well, your lashes are about to get volumised by the Full Volume.

Here we’ve got Russian Volume 6D lashes (basically as single extension split into a fork with 6 prongs) right along the lash line. This gives you the volume you crave while still being very lightweight, fluffy, and easy to comb through (never clumpy).

This is our fullest lash package, and if you’re looking to go extreme then you can add a ‘Volume Boost’ (see below).


$160 (Until March 31st)


Volume Booster Pack

If you want your lashes to look fuller than the 6D volume lash example photo, you might be interested in booking a volume booster pack. This takes an additional 30-40 minutes and doubles the amount of extensions you’ll receive.

This is recommended for those who really love to stand out from the crowd and adds an extra 30 minutes to your appointment.



Mini Booster Pack

This is for a little extra volume like if you’ve left it a bit too long between infill appointments, or if you just want a bit extra.

The mini booster adds 15 minutes to your appointment time.


Infills / Refills

Eyelash infills are basically half of a full set. I recommend getting this every 3 to 4 weeks because as your own lashes naturally fall out your extensions will go with them and new baby lashes will grow in. Getting infills every 3-4 weeks means your extensions will always look full and beautiful.

Dreamy & Volume Blend – $70
Full Volume – $80



We will remove extensions if you’re also getting a new set of lashes applied – the removal rate is $40 per 30 minutes. (If you’ve just had a full set applied it can take up to 90 minutes, but if you’re just left with a few stray extensions and want to start fresh it should take less than 30 minutes.)

If you’ve been to another salon and received bad lashes and just want them removed we can’t help because it simply takes far too long and there’s too much risk of giving you a bad reaction with the glue remover chemicals (some salons use so much glue that removal can take hours).

Looking for brow sculpting and tinting?

We offer that too! Have a look at our brow shaping packages page for more info on what we offer and current price list.

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