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Eyelash Extensions, Brows and More

We are amazing at what we do but the best part is that we have ensured your experience is restful and relaxing. We’ve put together a little ‘salon walkthrough’ to give you a sneak peek of what to expect at your first lash spa visit…

We pride ourselves on doing the best quality work on the Gold Coast and we maintain that reputation by keeping a service list of only a few treatments. That’s why you won’t find dozens of services at The Lash Spa, but just a few key treatments that we’re really, really good at!

P.S. Yes, we do infill work from other salons, but please let us know if your old extensions are clumped, stuck, have too much glue or are causing irritation so we’re prepared

The Lash Spa Eyelash Extensions
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Absolutely adore The Lash Spa! Every visit is special and Nikita did a beautiful job with my lashes, super attentive to my vision and the whole experience was so relaxing.In such a busy world, being able to unwind in this environment is such a treat!Kelly
Response from the owner: Thank you so much Kelly 🙂
Continue to experience excellent service and Cassie today provided a great set of eyelashes, best yet. Thank you for complimentary extras provided due to appt change … this was appreciated and good timing due to damage sustained to my home and land in recent events. Will continue to go to your salon best ever on Gold Coast and surrounds.🌸
Response from the owner: Wow - thank you for your beautiful words Sharon! We are so grateful for your review & will pass along your compliments to Cassie. We are sorry to hear about the damage sustained to your home during the wild weather but are glad we could be your safe haven for a moment! We look forward to pampering you for many more visits to come. Love, The Lash Spa Team x
The Lash Spa is so beautiful and comfortable and a wonderful space for pampering, oh, and did I mention the epic eyelash extensions?
Response from the owner: Hehe thank you Jan!
Sian was amazing and made the whole experience so comfortable! I have never felt so comfortable getting my lashes done before and they look amazing 🙂
Feel like a new woman after seeing Carly. Lashes and brows are amazing as always! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your review Josie! We're glad you love your lashes & brows. We can't wait to see you again soon!Love, The Lash Spa Team x
Jemma does an amazing job as always ❤️❤️❤️
Response from the owner: Thank you for leaving this review for us Alexis! We look forward to seeing you every few weeks for your max volume lashes. They suit you so much! We are very appreciative of your constant support and loyalty and look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Thanks again! Melissa - The Lash Spa 🌸
Sia did an absolutely amazing job on my lashes. We discussed what I wanted to achieve and what style would suit me best. Her recommendation and technique were outstanding. I love my lashes and would highly recommend seeing Sia for your lashes.
Diana was so lovely and polite and did an amazing job with my lashes. Exactly how I wanted my lashes! Thank you ☺️
Sia did a fantastic job! My lashes have never looked better.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your feedback Liz! It's always a treat to hear that our beautiful client are loving their lashes. It's our goal to ensure our clients leave feeling their best. We look forward to seeing you again soon!Love, The Lash Spa Team x
Nikita was amazing. As I was new to The Lash Spa she explained everything and showed me the style of lashes etc Nikita made sure I was comfortable and was very professional and caring. It was a wonderful experience and I will be back. Thanks Nikita you deserve great feedback.
What a beautiful experience at this salon. My lovely lash expert, Jemma, was amazing. I loved every minute of pampering and the salon was beautiful and so relaxing. From the heated bed and iced tea to the personalised card. I recommend this to everyone.
The clinic is beautiful and administrative team is so welcoming. Carly looked after me and took great care of me at my first appointment. I am obsessed with the lash tint and lift and will definitely be back.
Love this place , everything about it is awesome. The staff are fantastic.I always come out with beautiful lashes and brows. Georgia is amazing, she always does a fantastic job and is such a lovely young lady.
Jessica was super nice and made me feel really comfortable especially because it was my first time getting extensions. She listened to what I wanted and also helped me choose when I asked for her professional opinion and I love my lashes.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your wonderful review Sabrina! We're delighted to hear that Jessica made you feel comfortable during your first lash extension experience! It's great to know that she listened to your needs and provided professional guidance. We love that you're in love with them!!Love, The Lash Spa Team x
Had a great experience at the lash spa. Everyone was very nice, the place is so pretty and smells amazing and the beds are so cozy. Jessica did an amazing job on my lashes, they look great!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your wonderful review! We're so glad to hear that your had such a positive experience at with us. It's always great to know that you enjoyed our ambience and found the spa inviting. We will pass along your kind words to Jessica - she'll be so happy to hear!We look forward to seeing you again soon!Love, The Lash Spa Team x

How Can We Guarantee the Best Lashes on the Gold Coast?

Master Lash Stylists
Our lash technicians have thousands of hours ‘lashing’ experience, so their skills are unmatched
private lash treatment room
Private treatment suites with high-quality lash tables (comfier than most beds), so you’ll have no trouble unwinding
best quality lash extension tools
We use the highest quality lashes, glue and tools available all fully sterilised for every client
lash aftercare gift bag
You leave with an introductory lash cleanser and lash brush with all the information on how to care for your new lashes
Lash extensions humidity control
We optimise the salons’ temperature and humidity so the lash glue works perfectly and your lashes last longer
Complimentary hot towel & undereye collagen anti-wrinkle treatment with every appointment

So if you want the best lashes on the Gold Coast then you’ve found them here 🙂

Eyelash Extensions

We believe that eyelash extensions should boost the fullness and length of your natural lash without ever compromising your underlying lash health.

FYI: We do infill work from other salons (we can’t correct major issues from your previous salon – If you’re experiencing issues, a removal and another full set is recommended)

Classic Natural lash extensions

Classic Natural Lash Extensions

Our natural classic is our lightest set of lashes designed for those who want a look as close to your natural lashes as possible. It will simply extend the length of your natural lashes, and the fullness is dictated by the number of lashes you naturally have.

This set is single classic lashes right along your lash line in different lengths to create a style to suit your eye and face shape.

Please keep in mind that because these are single classic lashes, we can only extend, and can’t add volume to what you naturally have. If you’re looking for more volume, have a look at our hybrid, dreamy or max-volume lashes.

Full Set: $120
Infill / Half Set: $90

Light Hybrid Lashes

Light Hybrid Lash Extensions

A light, pretty set of eyelash extensions that looks completely natural and enhances your eyes.

These lashes are loved by our more mature clientele or those with weak natural lashes.

To achieve this look, we use a combination of individual lashes and lightweight (0.07mm thickness) 3D volume lashes. It will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, yet still makes your eyes pop.

Full Set: $150
Infill / Half Set: $110

Dreamy Volume Eyelashes

Dreamy Volume Lash Extensions

The Dreamy Volume look is customised to suit your natural lashes depending on your eye shape, face shape, and characteristics of your natural lashes… It creates that darker ‘eyeliner’ look through a fuller volume and length of lash extension.

For example, it could be a full set of 6D lashes mixed with some 3D volume or even classic lashes. We do everything we can to get the lashes looking full, long and luscious in a style that perfectly suits you.

Generally with these lashes we go as long and full as we can without causing any damage – these never look ‘too dramatic‘ or over the top either.

Fun fact: we receive our most referrals from clients who chose this set!

Full Set: $170
Infill / Half Set: $110

Max Volume Lash Extensions

Max Volume Lash Extensions

These lashes are long, very full and extremely glamorous!

We require healthy, strong natural lashes as the extensions used in this set are heavier, so the Max Volume set isn’t suited to everyone.

We use a range of lashes in different lengths and curls to give you that ‘max volume’ effect. Each set is completely unique ranging from 3D, 6D and including 10D lashes.

This is the set of lash extensions that the Kardashians would opt for if they came into the Lash Spa.

Full Set: $220
Infill / Half Set: $145

Lash Lift and Tint

If you’d prefer a much more subtle effect, then a lash lift and tint could be for you. This process allows us to gently create a curl to your natural lashes so they’re more noticeable and glamorous (instead of being quite straight). We then tint them a darker shade because natural lashes can be lighter, especially in their early stages of growth – this added darkness makes them look more full, and when combined with the lifting of the lashes, the effect is quite stunning.

The lash lift and tint is most effective on clients with naturally long and full lashes – to achieve more length and fullness we recommend using Revive7 growth serum as over the years we’ve seen incredible results from hundreds of our clients. Check it out here.


Experience Add-Ons

Be sure to check out this section on our app or online booking to see what special spa offerings we have available. From chilled under-eye collagen masks to luxe 24k gold nourishing hand masks, we have got your me-time covered.

Lash Removal

Lash extension removal is charged in 20-minute blocks – generally a removal will only take around that amount of time, however, if you’re coming with a freshly applied set from another salon that has used too much glue or applied the lashes poorly then the removal process could take longer and each additional 20-minute block would be charged at $60.

Save $20 on a removal when booking with a full set of lashes!


Brow Sculpting

Combining the perfect lashes with brows is a match made in Heaven, but if you only want your brows done then The Lash Spa is the place for you too.

We’re currently rated as one of the best brow places on the Gold Coast by The Urban List, thanks to our incredible attention to detail in a beautiful environment.

Gift Bag! All first time brow clients get our specialty take-home gift bag which includes brow comb, discount on your next brow booking & a sweet treat for the drive home!

20% of any brow service when booked with a lash infill, full set or lash lift and tint

Brow Lamination [includes tint]

Transform your brows with this must-have beauty treatment. Unwind in our lounge area with refreshing tea & treats before heading to your private treatment room where our therapist will assess your natural brows to achieve the best shape possible. We’re masters in voluminous, full & feathery brows.


with Shape +$50

Brow Sculpt

In our full sculpt we’ll perfect the shape of your eyebrows and add a tint to sculpt and define them. Or you can book the tint or shape as standalone services.

Full Sculpt: $70
Tint Only: $45
Shape only: $50

Lip Wax

A full lip wax to remove any fine hairs on the upper lip.


Lip & Chin

A full lip wax paired with chin wax to remove fine hairs.


Special Offers and Promotions

We regularly have offers and discounts which you can check out from within our App or online booking system by clicking ‘Book Now‘ anywhere on this website.

Gift Cards

Lash Spa Gift Card

Treat your loved ones to some self-care with a gift card for The Lash Spa. Whether they love eyelash extensions or sculpted brows – they’ll leave feeling completely relaxed and pampered. 

Simply load a dollar amount onto the gift card and it will be emailed to you instantly anytime – day or night.

Or for a physical gift card (pictured above) just visit us in the salon during opening hours or give us a call to have one posted out to you. 

Mini Me Package (3-12yrs)

This delightful and soothing spa package is expertly crafted to ensure your little one is kept cosy, calm, and secure while you indulge in your own treatment in the same serene sanctuary. With one of our highly trained therapists, your child will receive undivided attention throughout their pampering session. Please bear in mind that this package is available only as an add-on to a parent receiving a treatment of the same duration. The child will remain in the same treatment suite as you throughout and this package is gender neutral – all are welcome!

The pampering experience begins with a sublime journey of relaxation for your Mini-Me. They will inhale the soothing aroma of floral-scented essential oils, which can help to soothe and calm their mind and body. A warm lavender heat pack will be placed gently around their shoulders, and they will be wrapped in a soft, warm robe and blanket. For children under eight, a cuddly teddy bear or a warm unicorn heat pack will be provided, and they will be encouraged to help us put their furry friend to sleep by remaining peaceful and calm so that you can enjoy the rest and relaxation that you deserve.

As your child learns the value of self-care and wellness, they will soak their feet in a warm vanilla-caramel-scented milk bath, complete with flower petals and colourful bath bombs for a truly luxurious and indulgent experience. They will have the pleasure of selecting a special gemstone bath bomb to place in the foot spa and choose from “dissolving dragon eggs” or “melting mermaid jewels” to submerge in their foot spa.

After the lavish foot soak, their feet will be gently exfoliated with a luxurious vanilla caramel foot scrub, leaving them feeling silky soft. They will also have the option to receive a mini manicure and pedicure, complete with nail polish in the colour of their choice (including clear), while enjoying a gentle hand massage with our luxe vanilla caramel body cream. The scrub will be removed with a divine lavender hot towel, and your child will leave with beautifully polished and pampered nails.

To complete this enchanting experience, your child will receive a mini facial using natural Sukin products, complete with a facial massage, a lavender hot towel, and magical chilled beauty globes for a truly indulgent experience.

As a bonus, our therapist will document your experience with a photoshoot, using our salon ring light if requested, and capturing a few key shots that you will want to cherish forever. Imagine a video of you and your mini me relaxing under our famous cherry blossom tree, both sipping on lychee cloud mocktails, as you bask in the afterglow of your luxurious spa experience.

Aromatherapy journey
Flower petal foot soak with vanilla caramel bubbling bath milk
Vanilla caramel foot scrub and lavender hot towel
Magical gemstone bath bomb selection
Enchanting bath pearl selection illuminated by torch light
Mini manicure
Mini pedicure
Mini facial using natural Sukin products, lavender hot towel & magical cooled globe massage

Off Menu Services

We have a range of other services which are too small to be booked as a stand-alone service, be can be added to other services such as lash or brow appointments. These can be booked over the phone on 0756 891 919, or added on the day of your appointment if we have availability.

Lash Boost (quarter set)


Lashes – 1 week touch up (Dreamy)


Lashes – 1 week touch up (Light Hybrid)


Lashes – 1 week touch up (Max)


Top Lash Tint


Bottom Lash Tint


Glitter Lashes


Lash Lift Conditioning Treatment (done with a lash lift)


Brow Shape Only


Brow Tint


Brow Pluck


Brow Threading


Lip and Chin Wax


Lip Wax


Chin Wax


Facial Wax


Hand Massage


Medik8 Skin Hydration Boost


Sweet Vanilla Soak Towel Wrap