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We pride ourselves on doing the best quality work on the Gold Coast, and keeping a service list of only a few treatments is how we make sure we maintain that reputation. That’s why you won’t find dozens of services at The Lash Spa, but just a few key treatments that we’re really, really good at!

Eyelash Extensions
Brow Sculpting

How can we guarantee the best lashes on the Gold Coast?

lash extension experience

Our lash technicians all have thousands of hours ‘lashing’ experience, so their skills are unmatched.

isolate eyelashes

We perfectly isolate each natural lash to apply one extension to so you never get clumping, pain or premature lash fall

quality lash tools

We use the highest quality lashes, glue and tools available all fully sterilised for every client.

lash application humidity

We optimise the salons’ temperature and humidity so the lash glue works perfectly and your lashes last longer.

collagen eye mask

Complimentary undereye collagen anti-wrinkle treatment with every appointment.

eyelash extension table

Our lash tables are higher quality (and comfier) than most beds, so you’ll have no trouble unwinding.

eyelash aftercare gift bag

You leave with a goodie bag including our  own lash cleanser to keep your lashes clean.

relax at lash spa

We optimise every part of your visit, from relaxing music to aromatherapy. It really is like a day spa.

So now you know why we’re worth more – if you want the best lashes on the Gold Coast then you’ve found them here 🙂

Eyelash Extensions

We believe that eyelash extensions should achieve a natural look while boosting fullness and length of your natural lash, without ever compromising your underlying lash health, so you can safely wear extensions year-round without causing any damage or discomfort.

Lash Spa Light

Light Natural Eyelash Extensions

Lash Spa Light

A light, pretty set of eyelash extensions that looks completely natural and enhances your eyes

These lashes are loved by our more mature clientele or those with weak natural lashes.

To achieve this look, we use a combination of individual lashes and lightweight (0.07mm thickness) 3D volume lashes. It will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, yet still make your eyes stand out.

Full Set: $150
Infill / Half Set: $80

Dreamy Volume

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Dreamy Volume Lash Extensions

Dreamy Volume

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Creating that darker ‘eyeliner’ look through a fuller volume and length of lash extension.

The Dreamy Volume look is customised to suit your natural lashes depending on your eye shape, face shape, and characteristics of your natural lashes…

For example, it could be a full set of 6D lashes mixed with some 3D volume or even classic lashes. We do everything we can to get the lashes looking full, long and luscious in a style that perfectly suits you.

Generally with these lashes we go as long and full as we can without causing any damage – these never look ‘too dramatic‘ or over the top either.

Fun fact: we receive our most referrals from clients who chose this set!

Full Set: $160
Infill / Half Set: $85

Max Volume

Max Volume Eyelash Extensions

Max Volume

These lashes are long, very full and extremely glamorous!

We require a healthy, strong natural lash as the extensions used in this set are heavier, so the Max Volume set isn’t suited to everyone.

We use a range of lashes in different lengths and curls to give you that ‘max volume’ effect. Each set is completely unique ranging from 3D, 6D and including 10D lashes.

This is the set of lash extension that the Kardashians would opt for if they came into the Lash Spa.

Full Set: $210
Infill / Half Set: $115

Deluxe Upgrade

deluxe lash upgrade treatment

Deluxe Upgrade

Treat yourself & upgrade your appointment to the DELUXE Experience. This LUXURIOUS ritual includes two ESSENTIAL-OIL infused WARM TOWELS,.

Followed by a DIVINE lash bath with our custom-blend cleanser, RELAXING eyelid MASSAGE and sealing lash primer. It’s ideal when you have extra time to NURTURE yourself and will leave you feeling renewed! You never regret treating yourself – you deserve it 🙂

BONUS: This treatment includes a complimentary take-home lash cleansing brush RRP $10.


1 Week Touch-Up

This is for clients who want to keep their lashes at their fullest 24/7 – This appointment must be within 8 days of your previous appointment and will get you lashes back to 100%. Perfect for events and special occasions.



Lash extension removal takes around 30 minutes

Lash Spa Clients: $40

From Other Salons: $70

Brow Sculpting

Combining the perfect lashes with brows is a match made in Heaven, but if you only want your brows done then The Lash Spa is the place for you too.

We’re currently rated as one of the best brow places on the Gold Coast by The Urbanlist, thanks to our incredible attention to detail in a beautiful environment. 

Brow Sculpt (Shape & Tint)

This is the full package. We’ll perfect the shape of your eyebrows and add a tint to fill them in


Lip Wax

A full lip wax to remove any fine hairs on the upper lip and reveal your smooth, hair-free skin


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Gift Certificate

A gift certificate for The Lash Spa is a great gift idea, because we’ll make sure your loved one has an incredible experience as well as leaving with perfect lashes, brows or both feeling completely pampered. 

Just figure out how much you’d like to load onto the gift card, and then it will be emailed to you instantly, anytime day or night.

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