3 Benefits of Brow Sculpting on the Gold Coast and Why You Need It In Your Life

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Pencilling brows every day can be a bit of a chore. It doesn’t help that full, dark brows are very on-trend at the moment so people really do notice if your brows are unkept.

Let’s be realistic here for a second, we all want to wake up looking perfectly polished and just walk straight out the door. Some lucky ladies have been genetically blessed in this department (I’m thinking of every Victoria’s Secret model right now) and then there are some of us who need a little more help looking effortlessly glamorous (I’m looking in the mirror right now haha).

Since I started having my brows sculpted and my lashes extended, I have managed to save SO much time getting ready in the morning. I can apply a little bit of powder and be on my way – so helpful for me as a busy Mumma of two!

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So here are the top 3 benefits of Brow Sculpting:

  1. Wake up with up with your makeup – no more brow pencils. Sign me up!
  2. Your brows look even – basically when you have your brows professionally sculpted the stylist is always aiming for total symmetry. Have you noticed when you do it yourself it can be a little hard to get them to look even? This will be a problem of the past
  3. They will be the perfect colour – at The Lash Spa, we take note of your natural hair colour and match your brows to suit using a semi-permanent tint.

There you have it – my top 3 benefits of brow sculpting – I feel like you’re pretty convinced that perfect brows are now essential for you.

If you’re a Gold Coast resident you’ll be happy to know that The Lash Spa has been voted top 5 places to get your brows done on the Gold Coast by The Urbanlist which you can checkout here!

We see hundreds of brow clients every month and 80% of our lash extension customers have now become brow addicts too – it’s a great time-saver being able to get two treatments done without even getting up from the table.

We can’t wait to meet you and transform your brows soon! Phone 0756891919 or book via the website today.