Adding Wispy Spikes to your Eyelash Extensions

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You’ve probably seen the trend of wispy eyelash extensions, sometimes just called wispies and they’ve become popular because they take eyelash extensions to the next level. This isn’t done by adding mega volume, but instead adding extra dimension with the variation of lengths.

Wispy eyelash extensions in max volume set

Wispies create extra attention because of their ability to mimic your natural lashes where some are longer than others because they’re closer to the end of the natural lash growth cycle. But with wispy lashes, you can also customise the lash style and volume.

How Do You Get a Set of Wispy Eyelash Extensions?

At The Lash Spa, we offer Wispy lashes as an add-on, so you can add it to any of our lash sets, from our very light Classic Natural set, all the way up to our Max Volume set of lashes. This gives us a lot of flexibility to customise the wispy lashes to create the effect you’re looking for.

We’ve seem some salons do a wispy specific set of lashes, and it’s generally done with quite a full volume of lash extensions and is designed to give the ‘Kim K’ look – you’ll often see if with stick-on strip lashes. 

Should You Get Wispy Lash Extensions?

Of course, the choice is yours. At the moment we have around 10% of our clients adding the wispy add-on to their extensions, but that’s gone up from around 5% last year, so the trend is growing.

Usually when clients are looking for a change with their lashes, they end up going up in volume, but having the wispy lashes add-on allows them to get that change while keeping the same lashes on and gives them that ‘new lash feeling’ when they look in the mirror. Sometimes it’s a permanent change and they never go back to non-wispy life, other times it might be just for a couple in infills.

How Much Do Wispy Lashes Cost?

At the time of writing, our wispy add-on is just $30, so you’d add the price of the set of lashes you’d prefer on top of that. For the small added cost, wispy lashes give you a great amount of added dimension while never being too heavy for your natural lashes to handle.

So if you’ve been thinking about trying wispy lash extensions, we’d say just give them a try – our clients are always thrilled with the result, and even if you don’t like them you can easily transition back to your regular lash extensions.