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Our customers often ask us how they can maintain their extensions, and the good news is that keeping your lashes fabulous and clean doesn’t take much effort and time on your part. Dirt in your lashes can break down the glue, so keeping your lashes clean and brushing them regularly is the best way to make them last longer.

Today I’m going to introduce you to our new soft bristle lash cleaning brushes. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re also able to get in between all of your lashes and right into the lash line. Simply follow these steps and you’ll find yourself getting the hang of cleaning your lashes in no time.

Lash cleansing brush

Use a cleansing foam

We recommend that you use our very own Lash Spa Cleansing Foam together with our cleaning brush for best results. Apply a small amount of this cleanser onto the back of your hand and dip your brush into the foam.

lash extension cleansing brush

Brush your lashes

With your eyes closed, gently brush your lashes in circular motions. Do this for 15 seconds daily and remember to clean your brush afterwards. Brushing them from the middle going up is the best way to avoid crooked and crisscrossed lashes. After you shower, gently dab those lashes dry with a towel and give them a nice brush. Brushing your lovely lashes while they’re damp will lessen the clumps when they’re dry.

Be extra careful with your products

Some facial washes and cleansers have ingredients that can damage your extensions, so we suggest that you take extra caution before washing your face. Avoid any products that are oil-based as oil will loosen the lash glue. Instead, use water-based products. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask our lash experts for advice!

Our soft bristle lash cleaning brushes are designed to keep your lashes free of dirt and skin build-up. They also protect your extensions from oils and very small particles. We recommend that you clean your lashes before each infill appointment so that your extensions can last even longer. So keep your lashes fabulous and clean, and we’ll see you soon!