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Before and after photos are where you really see the dramatic difference eyelash extensions can make. An ‘after’ photo on its own looks great, but it’s when you compare it to that ‘before’ photo that the contrast between the two makes your jaw drop.

Click any photo below to see all the before and after photos of that client.

We are always adding to our before and after gallery with recent client photos to show you the high standard of lash extensions we provide at The Lash Spa. We do our best to take the photos at the same angles, with consistent lighting so that the lashes are the focus and so you can easily spot the improvement in the before and after photo of the lash extensions.

What we use to get our before and after gallery photos:

We use a camera mounted ring light to create even lighting (that’s the white ring you can typically see in the pupil. We also use Adobe Lightroom for minor corrections such as the white balance or exposure.

NOTE: We will never upload your photo to our website without your consent. Sometimes we will get a before and after photo in the salon just to show you the results, or to more clearly explain if you have damaged lashes or extensions remaining from another salon that we’re trying to repair – but those photos won’t be used on the website.

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