Brown Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast

Our Brown Eyelash Extensions give a more subtle and natural look to your extensions while still giving you the volume and length you desire

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Brown eyelash extensions are the epitome of elegance and we at The Lash Spa are proud to be the only salon providing this unique service

Brown Eyelash Extensions

Who are brown eyelash extensions best suited for?

Brown lashes are perfect treatment for those wanting a subtle enhancement. Candidates for brown lashes will want their extensions to blend into their look and provide a more subtle and classy enhancement.

What’s the difference between Brown and Black lash extensions?

While black eyelash extensions are the most common, we truly believe in the beauty of brown eyelash extensions as they look more subtle, natural and less harsh. Perfect for those with pale complexion and light coloured eyes such as blue or green. Sometimes black lashes paired with bright eye colours can look too dark and overpowering.

We absolutely adore black eyelash extensions too and have trouble picking a favourite. There is a place for both brown and black lashes, and it’s not your job as the client to know which would suit you best. Leave that to us!

How are brown eyelash extensions applied?

Brown extensions are applied in the same manner as black extensions. There’s no difference from a technical standpoint. We use all the same products, we simply swap out the black darker extensions for the softer brown extensions.

Brown Lash Extensions Gold Coast
How to Book Brown Lashes With Us

To get brown eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast, just book our Dreamy Volume Brown set of lashes. If you’re not sure if you should choose black or brown extensions you can ask for your lash artists expert opinion.

To make the booking online just click here, or call our friendly salon coordinators on 0756 891 919

We look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!

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