Extend The Life Of Your Lashes with a 3D Lash Mask

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The Lash Spa Varsity

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your lash extensions and prolong the life of your lashes, consider purchasing a 3D contour sleep mask. We’ve kept the price super affordable for our clients because we truly believe in the power of these masks and want all our clients to use them.

They work by providing a gentle, safe little nook around your lashes. This nook protects your lashes from hitting the pillow as you toss and turn.

Even clients who have never worn a face mask before have found it comfortable and easy to get used to. As a face sleeper myself, I used to wake up and my lash extensions were crumpled and sitting in different directions – now with the use of my mask, I wake up and they still look freshly brushed.

We recommend washing the mask least once a week, washing your lash extensions every 2-3 days with our foaming lash cleanser and brushing the lashes every morning with your gifted lash wand.

Pick one up next time you’re in the salon for only $20!