Eyelash Extensions For Men On The Gold Coast

If you’re a man looking for eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast then we’re the salon of choice!

Eyelash extensions for men are becoming more and more popular since they’re realising that it’s a simple, low maintenance way to boost their facial features, especially the eyes.

In the salon we’ve actually seen a trend of men having far nicer natural lashes than women – maybe because their lashes are generally more ‘untouched’ by things like mascara, strip lashes or other things that can gradually degrade lash quality…

Because of that, many men have more options for their lash extensions since their natural lashes can hold a longer, fuller extension.

Lash extensions for men on the Gold Coast

Is There A Difference Between Womens and Mens Eyelash Extensions?

Nope, not at all. The lashes are the same on men and women so the procedure is identical. Most of our male clients opt for a more subtle set of lashes to accentuate the eye, but your lash tech will sit down at the beginning of your appointment to make recommendations based on your eye shape and the look you’re hoping to achieve.

If you’re not familiar with how eyelash extensions work, then it’s basically 3 steps and takes around an hour for a full set with us (we’re faster than many other salons because our lash tech’s are extremely experienced and we use high-quality faster-drying glues).

The 3 Steps For Mens Lash Extensions

First, the lashes get a deep clean – this is usually easier with men because the lack of makeup and mascara means there’s very little residue on the lashes, but the clean is necessary so that the glue has the best chance of bonding the extension to the natural lash.

Second, the lashes are applied – one extension per natural lash – our lash techs do one lash per eye (left, right, left, right etc) so that there are always an identical number of lashes on both eyes (some lash salons do an entire eye first, which can cause clumping and more lashes on one eye than the other). You simply lay down and relax during the procedure… most people even fall asleep.

Third, keep them dry for 24 hours. This is up to you! If you get them wet too early it can cause the glue not to fully harden and the extensions may fall out sooner.

After all that it’s business as usual. Just don’t get them into contact with oils because it’ll loosen the glue gradually.

Eyelash extensions for men

How To Make An Appointment

Even though the vast majority of our clients are female, we’re very familiar with working with men…

All you need to do is give us a call us on 0756 891 919 or book online here where you can see all our available bookings.

We look forward to meeting you!