Eyelash Extensions Style To Suit Your Natural Eye Shape

Eyelash extensions aren’t like getting your teeth whitened where everyone simply wants white teeth…


Depending on the natural shape of your eyes a different eyelash extension style will suit you. There’s 4 main styles which you can see in the infographic, and 8 main natural eye shapes. But of course there’s aren’t complete – It’s impossible to categorise everyone into one of those eight eye shapes – but just choose the one that most closely matches your eye shape.

Next, just follow the line down to the lash extension style that suits you best. And again this isn’t to say that you MUST get that lash style. It’s simply to give you a good idea of what will look good. An experienced lash technician will be able to tailor a style to your specific eye shape, personality and the event you’re getting lashes for (or if they’re just for daily enjoyment!).

I hope this infographic will help you find the perfect lash style for your eye, and if you want more examples you can Google the lash styles to see photos or check out this article I wrote that goes into much more detail about the eye shapes and lash styles.


Eyelash Styles Infographic