EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum

We've had extensive experience with the EyEnvy lash growth serum and seen incredible results with dozens of clients. Here's what we know...

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The only Australian approved lash growth serum that actually works is now stocked by The Lash Spa on the Gold Coast!

We Now Recommend Revive7

EyEnvy was a great product, but it’s been discontinued since mid-2023. You’ll still find it on eBay, but because it’s been discontinued for so long, it’s our opinion that those are fake copies.

So what should you use now?

The same maker of EyEnvy now has a product called Revive7 which also has excellent results and works in the same way by nourishing the lashes.

To order Revive7 just give us a call on 0756 891 919 and one of our friendly salon coordinators will ship it to you, or you can pick up from our Varsity Lakes salon.

What Is EyEnvy?

If you haven’t already heard about the success people are having with EyEnvy, then a quick Google search will show you exactly what sort of results you can expect.

Basically your lashes will grow longer, fuller and more quickly than possible without EyEnvy.

So whether you just want fuller, longer natural lashes…

Or you want stronger fuller lashes to allow a heavier, thicker set of eyelash extension to be applied to, then EyEnvy is your answer – and it’s the only serum we at The Lash Spa endorse!

Where to Buy EyEnvy on the Gold Coast?

The Lash Spa is proud to announce we are now a stockist for the number one eyelash growth serum in Australia called EyEnvy. EyEnvy is a very exclusive product that can only be purchased through approved retailers and cannot be bought online.

UPDATE: EyEnvy has been discontinued as of August 2023 due to the manufacturer shutting down, our stock was quickly bought out and unfortunately we won’t be able to get it again – Since it’s been not in production now for so long, I would suspect that anything on the market (such as places like eBay) is likely fake, however you could confirm this by contacting EyEnvy directly on their site – http://www.eyenvy.com.au

What Do We Recommend Now?

The same manufacturer has launched Revive7 – a similar product with similar results. You can read more about that here https://revive7science.com.au

If you’d like to place an order for Revive7, then just give us a call on 0756 891 919 and we’ll post it out for you, or pick it up from our Gold Coast salon.