From Robina to The Lash Spa

We at The Lash Spa are located right in one of the busiest hubs in the Gold Coast, making our services pretty accessible for clients wherever they are.

Robina is another bustling suburb that’s quite close by. If you are coming from Robina Town Centre, the fastest way is via car ride going through State Route 80. It’s a short, 13-minute drive where you turn left on Starling Street until you get to Acanthus Avenue. From here you can turn right to Dabchick.

Another option is via Christine Avenue. Head east on Robina Town Centre Drive and continue to Christine Avenue. After a few kilometres, you’ll be at Burleigh Waters, where Dabchick is! This route will take about 15 minutes, and it’s a nice ride as you pass by Lake Orr Reserve and Reedy Creek.

And if you’re nearer Cheltenham Drive, you can take this route going to Southport Burleigh Rd., but the drive will be about 5 minutes longer on this route.

If you prefer to ride the bus, there are scheduled trips from the Town Centre to Burleigh Heads Primary School. From there, it’s a short walk to Dabchick Drive. And in case you want to take an Uber, the fare getting from Robina to The Lash Spa will typically range from $19-35.

It’s definitely worth it when you pay us a visit. Whether you are visiting the Gold Coast on a holiday or you are a resident, you know that lifestyle on the Coast is all about carefree glamour.

And eyelash extensions complete your look. You’re always gorgeous even without any makeup on. You can swim and surf, dine and socialize, all the while looking fabulous. Perfect for beach life, of course!

Drop by The Lash Spa and we’ll give you the best lash extension treatment.

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