Varsity Lakes to The Lash Spa

There are so many sights to see and explore while you’re in the Gold Coast, so that could mean little to no time applying fake eyelashes every day. If you want to get the volume but not the hassle, eyelash extensions are the way to go…

It’s increasingly becoming popular, and here in the Gold Coast, it’s no surprise that women look for the best lash extensions treatment.

If you’re planning to visit us, The Lash Spa is located at 26 Dabchick Drive in Burleigh Waters. Those in the Burleigh area, Palm Beach and other suburbs like Varsity Lakes can easily get to our salon.

In fact, Varsity Lakes’ famous artisanal coffee spot, Blackboard Coffee, is less than 15 minutes away from our Spa.

If you’re after lash extensions in Varsity Lakes, take Lake Street on to University Drive. You can take Southport Burleigh Road. From there, turn left on Christine Avenue and you’ll get to Burleigh Waters.

You can also directly go to Christine Avenue in case you’re heading southwest on Varsity Parade. From Christine Avenue, follow Burleigh Street towards Acanthus Avenue, which leads to Dabchick Drive.

Another option is to take State Route 80 by going southwest as well. But instead of turning at Christine Avenue, continue on to Scottsdale Drive and take State Route 80 up ahead. This takes you to Acanthus Ave and to Dabchick Drive, where we are located.

Riding a bike is also convenient – it’ll take an additional 5 minutes or so when you ride a bike going through either Southport Burleigh Road or Christine Avenue.

We at The Lash Spa provide premium services for every kind of lash extensions you need. From full set lashes, to half-set and touch-ups, we can do it all. Everyone has different lashes, so we recommend what works best for you.

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