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Save money by getting eyelash extensions…

It doesn’t sound right, does it?

Well, if you follow along I’ll show you how this is certainly true for some women, but not for others – and of course, these are my own opinions as the owner of a lash salon, but let me see if I can convince you anyway 🙂

Let’s Start With The Real Cost

Yes, it’s true, eyelash extensions aren’t free.

Depending on where you get them done they’ll cost you between $80 and upwards of $300 for a full set…

But don’t go to one of the places that do them for $80 – just trust me (if you want to see the full explanation of why then check out this article I wrote)

And a higher price isn’t always an indicator of a better set of lashes either. The point here is to simply do your research before choosing a salon.

So let’s just meet in the middle and say for the sake of this article that the average price for a good set of lashes is $180.

Those lashes will last for around three to four weeks depending on your natural rate of lash fall before enough of them have fallen out that you’ll be looking to get infills.

Ok, so we’re at $180 for 4 weeks of beautiful eyelashes that make your eyes look beautiful 24 hours per day. That’s $45 per week.

It’s still not sounding like a ‘saving’, is it?

But that’s where your time comes into the equation.

The Time Saving Aspect of Eyelash Extensions

This won’t be applicable to all women, but after being in the industry since 2011 and working with thousands of clients that about half will get lashes and continue with their normal morning routine…

Let’s call them ‘Group A’. They’ll get out of bed in the morning, have a shower and spend between 20 to 60 minutes doing hair and makeup (we all spend differing amounts of time, but I know that we all wish it didn’t take so long!). The only difference is that their eyelashes look great immediately, so it might save a couple of minutes per day putting on mascara (some still choose to use mascara).

So let’s call these women the two minute per day savers. Multiply it by 30 days and that’s a total saving of 60 minutes. Nothing major, but it’s a free hour each month in our busy lives!

The second group (Group B) is quite different.

They love having lash extensions because they minimise their entire morning routine because when they have lashes it draws attention to their eyes and allows them to wear far less makeup each day and still look great – you can see the major difference in the before and after photos in my gallery (where my clients aren’t wearing any makeup).

Eyelash Extensions Cost

So this group reduces their normal makeup routine by at least 15 minutes by avoiding the eye area altogether (no mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow). Just the natural beauty of the eye emphasized by the lashes.

Multiply that 15-minute saving by 30 days and we’re looking at 450 minutes or seven and a half hours per month!

That’s significant.

Plus we’re not even considering the ‘touch-ups’ for things like an afternoon visit to the grocery store, a quick trip to grab a double latte for the local cafe, heading to the gym or the dozen other things that you usually do a quick 5 minute ‘touch up’ job for…

But how does that save you money?

Putting a Value on Your Time

Of course, I don’t know what job you do, or how much you make, but for this example lets just say you earn around $20 an hour (chances are you earn more). Well then for 7.5 hours work (that’s how much you’d save if you fall into category B), then you’re looking at a saving of $150.

And if you earn more that number increases.

That’s basically what a set of good lashes cost per month!

Now, of course, we can’t put a value on every hour of our day, but I believe it helps by making us see where our time is better spent because time is a finite resource. We each only have a certain amount and there’s no amount of money that can buy more.

But before I delve too deep into life and time, let’s move on to…

Why We Really Get Eyelash Extensions

So my idea above that lashes can save you money is just an opinion and it differs greatly from person to person, but I know that I personally do spend far less time doing makeup when I’ve got lashes…

But the real reason we get them isn’t to save time or money (that’s just a bonus on the side) – it’s because they make us look and feel more beautiful, more confident and spend less time worrying about how we look. When done properly they create that ‘wow’ effect that’s also hard for people to spot because good lashes look so natural.

They’re one of the only beauty treatments that last a full month and look great all day and night (without getting needles involved!) – it doesn’t matter if you’re just waking up in the morning, going to the beach for a swim or getting back from a run on a hot day.

Are You Convinced?

Maybe you are, maybe not – but I hope this idea has sparked a thought that might save you time (or money) in the future, and heck if you want to book in for a set of lash extensions just get in touch 🙂