Lash Infills/Refills Explained

Our natural lashes are constantly shedding and regrowing, this is known as our ‘lash cycle’.

Basically a tiny baby lash pops our, grows slowly for around 6 weeks, and then falls out, to be replaced by a new baby lash.

As lash artists we don’t apply extensions to the baby lashes (they’re too small and weak), but we do apply to lashes in the middle and late stages of growth, so they’re longer, stronger and able to easily hold an extension.

We place the extension around 1mm from the eyelid, so there is enough clearance that the extensions don’t poke and irritate the eyelid. But over a 2-3 weeks those natural lashes inevitibly continue to grow, and all at different rates.

Some of those natural lashes will be in the late part of their lash cycle, so they will fall out (with the extension attached) – and others will be in an earlier stage, so they’ll remain attached, but may grow 2-3mm longer, moving the extension so it’s sitting away from the eyelid. While some may have barely grown at all and won’t need to be replaced until the next appointment.

That’s Why Infills Are Required To Keep Your Lashes Looking Great

At an infill appointment our lash artists will identify the extensions which have grown out away from the lash line, and remove them one-by-one.

They will then add new extensions back on those same natural lashes back at the 1mm gap mark to keep them all even, and fill in any gaps where lashes in the later stage of the cycle had fallen out and add extensions to the natural lashes that previously were in their baby phase, but are now mature enough to hold an extension.

What If You Wait Too Long Between Infills?

If you go too long between infill appointments then you’ll have simply lost more extensions, and the remaining lashes will mostly need to be removed and replaced with fresh ones as they’ll have grown out too far. 

This means that to get your lashes back to a perfect full set you should add a ‘lash boost’ to your appointment – this adds about 25% of a full set.

How To Make Extensions Last Longer?

Simply follow our aftercare procedure found here by:

  • Keeping them dry for 24 hours after application
  • Keeping them clean by washing daily with a lash cleansing foam
  • Keeping them away from oils like moisturisers and body oils

If you do the above you’ll have excellent retention.

How To Book Your Infill With Us

Simply use our app or online booking system to find a time that suits you and book it in.

You can also switch between volumes at each appointment. For example, you may have a ‘Dreamy Volume’ set, but want to go up to something more dramatic for an event such as our ‘Max Volume’. Just book the corresponding volume and we’ll start the transition