8 Tips For Better Lash Extension Retention

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If you’re as obsessed with eyelash extensions as we are, you’ll be the kind of person who notices them on everyone you meet… And some people seem to have better eyelash extension retention than others. Well, we’re happy to tell you that there are a few key reasons why their lashes last longer. If you follow these top 8 tips, you can have longer lasting lashes too. 

  1. Choose a lash style that suits you
Better Lash Extensions Retention

Retention starts at your first consultation with your lash artist. At The Lash Spa, our lash artists are specially trained in identifying what lash style and size will best suit your natural features. If you naturally have straight, thin lashes and we apply our longest, thickest extensions – they may fall off prematurely. If you choose a style that mimics and accentuates your natural lashes, they will last longer as we’re working with your lashes and not against them. We assess the size and health of your natural lashes before recommending a style that will best suit you and that will last the longest. 

  1. Avoid water or steam for the first 24 hours

After your beautiful lash extensions have been applied, keep them away from water or steam for the first 24 hours. During the first day, the glue is still settling so we don’t want any water or steam interfering with that setting process. If you’re showering in that 24 hour window, don’t put your head under the water and if you’re cooking over a hot steamy pot – be mindful of the steam. 

  1. Avoid thick eye cream

During your daily skincare routine, be mindful of what you apply around your eye area. Try to avoid super-rich thick eye creams because if they’re applied directly under your lash extensions, the oils from the cream can break up the glue and cause your lashes to fall out early. We recommend oil-free skincare and makeup products for around the eye area. 

  1. Don’t use waterproof mascara

If you’ve ever worn waterproof mascara, you’ll know how hard it is to get off. Often you’ll end up tugging and pulling to remove it and that’s what we want to avoid. When you have your beautiful lash extensions, you won’t need mascara most of the time. However, on some special occasions we understand our clients want an extra pop and in those cases, opt for an oil-free mascara (and definitely not waterproof).

  1. Sleep on your back

The best way to sleep while you have eyelash extensions is on your back. This will reduce any wear and tear on your lashes and keep them fuller for longer. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst sleeping position for extensions because your lashes will catch on your pillow all night as you move. While sleeping on your back is the most preferred, we understand some people can’t stand it. If you’re one of those people, rest assured –  the next tip is for you!

  1. Use a sleeping mask 
Lash sleep mask to protect extensions

If you can’t avoid sleeping on your side, you need our 3D sleep contour mask in your life. It’s designed for eyelash extension wearers with contoured cups over each eye to protect your lashes while you sleep. Made from super comfortable material, the comfortable mask protects your lashes from hitting the pillow as you toss and turn. 

  1. Clean & brush them regularly
Clean lashes to make them last longer

Healthy lash extensions last longer! Every new client at The Lash Spa receives a goodie bag equipped with all the essentials including a super gentle foaming lash cleanser and a soft-bristle lash wand to brush the extensions. We recommend washing your lash extensions every 2-3 days and brushing your lashes every morning. 

  1. Keep on top of your infill appointments

The key to helping your extensions last longer is keeping on top of your infill appointments. If you leave it too long between appointments, your natural lashes will have gone through a full shedding cycle – and you’ll be left with no extensions at all. The key to maintaining your extensions and helping them last longer is regular maintenance. You can pre-book your infill at each appointment in our salon or simply schedule it via our app

If you follow our top 8 tips for eyelash extension retention, you’ll be one of those lucky ones with long-lasting lashes.