At Home DIY Lash Removal

diy home eyelash extension removal

How it works

Basically this method is simply using the oil to gently and gradually loosen the bond of the glue, so they’ll eventually just slide off, leaving your natural lashes safe and healthy (rather than pulling and twisting them which could pull out your natural lashes prematurely). We know that not everyone has cotton buds, makeup rounds and mascara wands on hand so wanted to ensure nobody had to improvise and end up pulling lashes out (causing damage to natural lashes).

The key is to give it time to work and not try to rush it but pulling or twisting the extensions. After you’ve steamed your face safely, you could do the cotton swab step while you’re watching TV so that you take your time because it can actually be quite relaxing. 

Compared to a Salon Removal…

If you get a lash removal in our salon we use a professional grade glue remover which is safe to use around the eyes but can cause stinging if left for too long. It basically breaks down the glue much more quickly than the oil, so your extensions come off within a few minutes.

Both methods result in your extensions being removed, the difference is that the professional glue remover is much faster. Glue remover can only be used by a trained professional, this oil method is safer to do at home.


Q:  When will you open again? 
A: We aim to open as soon as the government restrictions are lifted. We have opened up our calendar on our app from 21st of May (being hopeful) but this open date isn’t confirmed. 

Q: How will you let us know when you are open?
A: Please sign up to our notification list on the homepage if you want to get an email when we reopen. We will send a text/email out to all past clients & will make announcements on our instagram @thelashspaau too.

Q: Will my regular lash artist still be employed?
A: None of the team have been let go, we plan to bring everyone back on board with us & cannot wait to reopen our doors and continue bringing beautiful lashes to the Gold Coast. 

Q: Are you currently offering a mobile service?
A: No, we are abiding by government restrictions & will be closed until we are allowed to reopen.

Q: What should I do in the meantime?
A: Consider this a good opportunity to nourish your natural lashes & encourage growth. Many clients are using lash growth serum in the meantime. We stock eyenvy and can post within Australia, or you can pickup from our Varsity Lakes Salon. 


Use and misuse of the DIY lash removal kit involve serious risks including injury. Users assume all risks and must use caution and common sense around boiling water, oils and objects used around the eye area.

By using the DIY lash removal kit you agree to accept all responsibility for your actions. Melissa Bergen & The Lash Spa Australia take no responsibility for allergic reactions to Wizz fizz packet gift, risks associated with boiling water, the under-eye collagen treatment causing skin sensitivity/allergic reactions. Please discard kit and do not use if you do not agree to take full responsibility for risks.