UV Eyelash Extensions

Warning: Potential Risks with UV Eyelash Extensions on the Gold Coast

At The Lash Spa, we’ve made a conscious choice to steer clear of UV eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast due to the significant risks involved. While the use of eyelash extension adhesive is trending, we’re sticking to our decision not to introduce UV adhesive for a few key reasons:

UV rays can be harmful to the skin

UV rays have the potential to cause damage comparable to sun exposure. Given that eyelash extension procedures can last up to two hours, this prolonged exposure becomes a real concern. Unfortunately, many clients undergoing UV eyelash extensions aren’t being advised to protect their delicate eye area and surrounding skin with sunscreen during the treatment.

The Skin Around the Eyes is Fragile and Thin

This makes it especially susceptible to UV damage. And despite claims online, suggesting that UV extensions can drastically reduce allergic reactions, the reality is different. All eyelash extension adhesives contain cyanoacrylate, the culprit behind allergic responses. While quick-curing adhesives might reduce fume exposure and theoretically lower the risk of reactions, those prone to allergies tend to react consistently, regardless of curing methods.

Here at the lash spa, safety is paramount

Our adhesive, proudly Australian-made, meets strict safety standards. Thanks to our state-of-the-art climate control systems, our adhesive sets quickly without the need for UV lights, ensuring a safe and efficient procedure for our clients.

It’s disappointing to see the influence of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram pushing lash artists worldwide to embrace UV adhesive without considering the long-term effects of UV exposure.

Had you considered the UV exposure risk to your skin before searching for UV eyelash extensions on the Gold Coast? If the technology improves and long-term studies prove that there’s no harmful skin damage occuring to clients, then we would consider it.

However, as it is unproven and untested, we at The Lash Spa don’t take risks when it comes to customers’ safety so we deem it dangerous.

Find Unbiased Accounts of UV Lash Extensions

A good tip when researching a new product like UV lash extensions is to check Reddit. This is a forum where people talk openly and anonymously about things, compared to the information you might get on TikTok or YouTube where the content creator is trying to sell you something, you’ll soon find the experiences of real people on Reddit. We’ve had a look and read some pretty scary situations with UV lash extensions which I won’t mention here, but I’m sure you’ll find them with a quick search.

Book in with us and Avoid UV Lash Extensions

UV Eyelash Extensions

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