Which lash growth serum to buy in Australia During Coronavirus Shutdowns

Lash Salons Closed due to Coronavirus so Strengthen and Lengthen Your Lashes Until They Reopen

Did your eyelash extension salon just close down and you’re feeling pretty stressed about what you’re going to do once your last lash extension sheds away?

My name is Melissa Bergen, and I own a popular eyelash extension salon on the Gold Coast. My business is lashes, and that’s why I’m here today to tell you not to stress. We’re viewing this break from lash extensions as a “lashcation” for our clients. We’re encouraging our clients to nourish their lashes with serum until we reopen our doors.

Which eyelash growth serum to buy that actually works?

There’s plenty of growth serums available on the market but not all of them work, and not all of them are legal or safe.

In fact, one serum that was extremely popular until it was outlawed in Australia was Lilash. It was sold online and in beauty salons throughout the country and women did see good results. However, the main ingredient was deemed harmful by the Australian Governing body the TGA (The Therapeutic Goods Administration). And you’re going to shocked why…

The cause for the ban was the main ingredient prostaglandin which had some alarming side effects. The scariest side effect was it would turn blue/green eyes brown and once the eye colour changed, it was irreversible. As a woman with blue eyes, I wasn’t willing to take the risk on that one. 

The TGA classifies prostaglandin as a Schedule 4 substance under the Poisons Standard. It is a prescription-only substance. So back in 2018, Lilash and all other growth serums (another was called Latisse) were pulled from the shelves.

So what are you going to do in the meantime while your eyelash extension salon is closed due to coronavirus?

EyEnvy results

The answer is EyeEnvy. This is the ONLY lash growth product we stock at The Lash Spa on the Gold Coast. The reason why? Because we have seen the results for ourselves on our clients. (attach photos of growth).

Sadly for us, some clients get such good results they don’t need extensions anymore – but we’re willing to take that risk because we believe in promoting amazing lash health for our extension wearers.

The product is applied like a top eyeliner to the lash line in the morning. It works by targeting the natural lash in the ‘anagen’ growth phase. Anagen lashes are the tiny baby ones that are still growing through, so they get a massive vitamin/nutrient boost from this miracle serum – resulting in the bulb of the lash thickening and becoming stronger.

This makes the lashes grow extra long, resulting in longer, fuller lashes. You won’t see results overnight, our clients usually see a difference after 8 weeks of consistent use.

The only overnight lash enhancement is eyelash extensions and seeing as none of us are in business right now, EyeEnvy growth salon is the next best thing. 

EyEnvy lash growth buy online

How much is it?

Eyenvy is an exclusive product that can only be purchased from a professional beauty salon. As most salons are closed now including us, we’ve stocked up on eyenvy and pre-paid tracked envelopes. We’re posting eyeenvy throughout Australia in these tracked satchels with Free Shipping.

At The Lash Spa, we are official EyEnvy stockists and send orders out daily. You are able to call us and purchase over the phone using your credit card, or simply contact us on instagram @thelashspaau via direct message or email melissa@thelashspa.com.au

We usually post orders out on the same day in a tracked pre-paid Australia post satchel. Shipping is totally free and you’ll receive a text message detailing your tracking number. 

We can’t disclose the cost online due to an agreement with the suppliers but happy for you to give The Lash Spa a call on 0434146265. We’ll process the order over the phone or send an invoice to your email. 

We’ve got a limited supply of EyEnvy so if you’re looking for something pretty soon, give us a call. Speak to you soon 🙂