Work With Us

We’re always looking for new talented lash technicians to join our growing team at The Lash Spa so if you’re interested, then read on to find out more about what we’re looking for, and what we can offer you 

Who We’re Looking For

  • An experienced lash extension technician who has had extensive real-world lashing experience and the ability to use fast-drying glues. We believe our lash technicians are the best on the Gold Coast, so if you have the skills and experience to go toe-to-toe with our girls, then please get in touch!
  • We employ on a casual basis at the moment, however, we can offer you as many hours as you like (up to 38 per week). If you do start working with us it will start at around 20 hours, and we will quickly increase your roster to the amount of hours you prefer, depending on the hours you like.
  • Some experience in brow sculpting and tinting – this isn’t essential because we can organise full training.
  • A bright, energetic, bubbly personality that suits a salon environment. A big part of The Lash Spa experience is making the client feel welcome and relaxed in the salon. You’ll greet them as they arrive, then go through the client consultation to figure out exactly what they’re looking for, followed by the lash application.
  • The position will also involve general salon maintenance, like cleaning, keeping recordings of client appointments and requests, taking payments and any other small salon related tasks. But these will only be a portion of the work – the majority will be applying lashes.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • A brilliant, relaxed working environment. We don’t breath down your neck or constantly check in on you because we believe your workplace should be an enjoyable place – not a dictatorship. As long as you’re providing clients with extremely high-quality lashes, then we’ll be very happy.
  • Flexible working hours and holiday breaks! Just give us enough notice of an upcoming holiday or a day off and we’ll make it happen (except for December which is a blackout holiday period for us)
  • Further training from us. Although we’re looking for an already experienced lash tech, we know that every salon is a little different. So you’ll be taught our specific techniques, and lash styles so that you can provide our clients with the lashes they’ve come to know and love.
  • An excellent, supportive team environment where new team member fit in right away
  • The opportunity to grow with us. We’re growing fairly quickly thanks to a stellar reputation for brilliant lashes – so as we grow we’re going to need people for managerial roles.

Before Applying You MUST…

  • Have experience with classic lash extensions and Russian volume
  • Have 100% accuracy with lash isolation (clumping is never acceptable)
  • Be friendly and bubbly especially upon arrival and departure – but most clients will fall asleep during the appointment (and chatting makes lash application harder anyway due to eye flutter)
  • Be willing to learn and apply our particular techniques to get the results our clients expect
  • Be patient and never passive aggressive with clients – they are always right (even when they’re not) – but we also don’t welcome back rude clients after their appointment (we always take care of you)
  • Not be running your own home beauty business or eyelash extension business (team members sign a non-compete agreement)
  • Be willing to cover shifts in the event that someone is sick (flexible)
  • Have a mode of transport whether it’s a bike and you live locally, or your own car.
  • Please be aware that you’ll need to sign a non-compete agreement just saying that you won’t start a competing eyelash extensions business or take our clients.

To Apply:

Just email your resume, plus at least a few sentences about why you’d like to work at The Lash Spa along with some photos of your work to