3 Tips To Find Natural Eyelash Extensions From a Lash Technician

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Are you a fan of Natural Eyelash Extensions?

What I mean are lashes that look good. Not over the top, or too thick, or too long, or heavy and on that ‘extreme’ end of the “lash extension spectrum”…

But lashes that simply look like you’ve been blessed with naturally long and full lashes. That makes your eyes look fantastic, yet are very difficult for onlookers to know if they’re your real lashes or perfectly executed extensions.

Here’s a photo of what I’d call natural lashes from the before and after section of my gallery

Natural Eyelash Extensions

Well, if you’re like me, then you’ve had this problem in the past… and I believe the source lies in beauty professionals assuming they know what you want (has that happened to you before?).

These beauty professionals often opt for the long, thick, super-dramatic lash extensions because it’s what they think looks best on them…

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

It only becomes a problem when they assume that you want what they like, and since they’re the professional they go right ahead and give you the extreme lashes that they love.

An hour later you’re walking out the door a few hundred dollars poorer, with lashes that don’t match your personality or style…

And it’s not like getting a makeover you hate that can be washed off with a damp cloth – these puppies are glue on tight and you’ll be living with them for the next month!

So if you want to find those Natural Eyelash Extensions that seem rarer than the fountain of youth here are my three tips as a long time lash tech who specialises in natural-looking extensions!

1 – Find A Salon With Photos Of Their Actual Work!

This should be easier than it actually is. Since I can’t do lashes on myself (believe me, I’ve tried!) I’m in the same boat as you when looking to get my lashes done, and the first thing I want to see is photos of their work.

BUT the websites of most beauty salons rarely include photos of their work. Instead, they use professional stock photos or photos from Google Images. You know the ones – flawless skin, perfect lighting, photoshopped everything (example below)… probably not a super accurate indication of what you could expect as a client.

stock image lash extensions

So, try to find salons that have photos of their work in a gallery section, or even better, a “before and after lash extensions” section.

I personally have a rule that

if they don’t have photos of their work published on their own website then their focus (and selling point) mustn’t be high quality results.

2  – Ask Someone With Great Lashes

If you’re looking to get natural lash extensions then you’re probably noticing the lashes of other women more and more, and a great set of lashes will stand out to you.

Even though it might be a little awkward, I think it’s great to just ask where she got her lashes done. It’s a compliment to her and it’ll be a totally unbiased review of the salon she went to.

If you’ve even been on the receiving end of someone asking where you got a dress or handbag then you’ll know how great it can feel, and hopefully, that’ll take away the awkwardness of approaching a stranger enough that you actually do it 🙂

3 – Bring Photos And Explain What You Want

Far too many salons will lay you down and immediately start applying lashes as if they’re a one size fits all product!

In fact, there are numerous types of lash extensions (different lengths, curls, thicknesses and now a variety of fan lashes that are like one lash split into several parts), and dozens of styles that can be created with those extensions depending on how they’re arranged and even how they’re adhered, so you really need to be quite specific.

I recommend having photos ready on your phone and explain that you want “natural-looking eyelash extensions” before you lay on the table…

If there’s hesitation by the lash tech then it might be an opportunity to pull the pin and cancel.

I get several clients each week who’ve had lashes done at other salons they aren’t happy with and it’s not possible to fix them without removing them. This means using a glue removal chemical (which is quite harsh), and then reapplying a full new set – so it’s like paying for two whole sets of lashes plus a removal!

So it definitely pays (both in the form of money and time) to make sure you’re getting natural eyelash extensions before the lash tech begins.

A short ‘price shopping’ warning: I’m all for finding a bargain and saving cash where possible. But I urge you to find a few lash salon options using the 3 tips above and THEN compare their prices. Don’t simply call around for absolute lowest price because there is often a very obvious reason why some salons are drastically cheaper (have a look at the repair section in my lash gallery)

It’s not impossible to get great lashes, but it does take a little more work in the beginning.

The upside is that once you’ve found a great lash technician you can keep going back and never have to worry again!

If you’re not from around my area and would like me to have a quick look over a salon near you to see if their lash extensions look nice and natural in my opinion, then just comment below or send me a message 🙂