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It occurred to me that after having this blog up and running for so long and being in the industry since 2011 – I have never answered the question ‘are eyelash extensions safe?’ In such a black and white way before.

The simple answer is yes.

Eyelash extensions are extremely safe and if you continue reading – I’ve broken it all down for you to make it really simple!

eyelash extensions safe

Here’s a breakdown of how and why it’s safe to have lash extensions applied. Remember to always research before you go anywhere – I’ve written articles about how to find a great lash salon in the past.

  • When applied correctly, the glue never touches the skin or eye
  • There’s no needles, ink or anything scary that’s involved
  • Most of our clients fall asleep – it’s a relaxing experience (if you go to the right place of course!)
  • Eyelash extensions fall out with your natural lash so they don’t cause any damage to the health of your natural eyelashes
  • Only a very, very small percentage of women have an allergic reaction (this is biological and not something we can predict or prevent)
  • If an allergic reaction does occur, the treatment is simple and easy. Usually, a doctor will say to take antihistamines for a few days until the swelling goes down

If you’re still nervous about getting eyelash extensions and aren’t quite ready to take the leap yet. Feel free to give us a call and we can chat over any issues that you may be worried about and hopefully put your mind at ease.

If you still don’t feel ready to commit to lashes, why don’t you try treating your natural eyelashes with a safe growth serum? There’s plenty on the market but as we are perfectionists, we only want to stock what we believe to truly work…

The only lash growth serum that we recommend in Australia is called Revive7 and can be picked up in our Varsity Lakes salon, or you can order by calling 0756 891 919 – we ship Australia-wide.

What are the most dangerous parts about having eyelash extensions applied?

Nothing really, it’s a safe and simple way of achieving long, beautiful lashes. The only danger is going to someone who is learning or still practicing. It requires a lot of skill to become a master eyelash technician and at The Lash Spa, we only work with skilled technicians.

Read about how we guarantee our lashes here 🙂