How to Find the Best Eyelash Extensions in Your Area

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A few years back, women were patient in using fake eyelashes to look great every day. But with the kind of lifestyle women have now, time is gold. Every single minute counts. Instead of using fake lashes, women are getting eyelash extensions in salons professionally done by lash technicians. With this craze in full swing, salons everywhere are now starting to give the full service. The challenge is finding the best eyelash extensions in your area.

Queensland has around 20 salons located on the seaside. If you think about it, you would go for anything close to your home. But there are more things you have to consider if you want quality service that’s going to be worth every penny.

Does the salon have a good record and great reviews?

One way to know if a salon has a good record is if they have good reviews (mainly on Google because those are the hardest to fake). Social media sites are a good way for you to start your research. Although some of them are probably rigged reviews, you can tell if most of their customers are satisfied or not.

Another way is to ask friends or relatives who’ve had eyelash extensions in that salon. See before and after photos and ask them about their experiences. If most would say it’s a great place and you’re satisfied with how the eyelash extensions look on them, then that’s a good sign.

If you feel good about the reviews and comments, visit the place. Check if its clean, comfortable, well-lit, and relaxing. Also, see if they have good and updated equipment. Check if they have customers lined up because if they do, it probably means women are extremely satisfied with their service.

If it all checks out, then you’ve found yourself a salon.

Is the lash technician legit?

Next, make sure the salon has a credible lash technician. Credible means licensed, trained, and experienced.

The reason why you go to a salon is to enhance the original beauty you have. You trust that the staff and crew would do just that. Having credible lash technicians will ease your mind knowing that the moment you close your eyes, you and your lashes are in good hands.

Nobody wants a first-time lash technician putting eyelash extensions on you the wrong way. Remember that these eyelashes will stay on for eight weeks, so if it looks weird and unnatural, that’s how long you’ll have to bear with it. Experience is a must.

Does the lash technician listen to what you want?

If you decide to go get eyelash extensions, a lash technician would do a consultation before the first application. This is where they get to know what style you want and more. It is also when they give their professional feedback about what you want.

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The problem with some technicians is that they do the job but end up completely ignoring the wants and needs of the customer. So, if the lash technician does that consultation on the first meeting, then you know for sure that you are well taken care of.

You know what you want and you deserve to get what you want. If lash technicians care at all, they would listen to your input first. If they feel that what you want will not be the best choice, they can recommend other options that still consider the look that you want.

How long does the entire process take?

In choosing the best eyelash extensions in your area, consider the application time. Application time for eyelash extensions should be reasonable. In some salons, it can take up to three hours. This could mean that the salon uses a cheaper type of glue that takes a longer time to dry. Ideally, application time should only take around one to two hours.

Eyelash extensions can last around six to eight weeks. This is similar to the growth cycle of natural eyelashes. You’d know if a lash technician did a great job If it looks good even after weeks without maintenance. But if you do want to maintain a full look, you can visit the salon every three to four weeks.

If you see some of the extensions falling out in big clumps and pulling your natural lashes from their follicles in the process, then it’s time to change lash technicians.

Remember, it’s quality you want. If it takes you a few extra miles to get to the salon from your home, it doesn’t matter. Don’t sacrifice quality for a cheaper price. You will end up frustrated and you will regret the whole experience. Plus, you’ll live with eyelashes you’ll end up hiding for weeks.