Are you looking for the best place to get ‘Mega Volume’ lashes on the Gold Coast?

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What are ‘Mega Volume’ eyelash extensions?

If you just happened to stumble across this article and have no idea about mega volume lashes, then here’s a little bit of information that will help you decide whether they are for you.

In a nutshell, mega volume lashes are extremely long, thick lashes that give a very full eyelash extension look. It’s definitely on the more extreme end of the spectrum.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Should I get Mega Volume lashes?

If you’re a person who likes to stand out and have your eyelashes be a big feature on your face, then yes perhaps you would like to try mega volume lashes.

At The Lash Spa, we specialise in natural lashes that can be worn forever, and while we do offer a full volume 6D lash package where a ‘boost’ can be added, this would only be available to those with strong, healthy natural lashes so that we can ensure damage doesn’t occur.

This is why we don’t offer ‘mega volume’ lashes. Mega volume can damage the natural lash and people who prefer this lash extension technique must take regular breaks from eyelash extensions…

Basically what happens is the mega volume extensions will be so heavy that they’ll pull your natural lashes right of the eyelid, so when you come in for infills there simply won’t be nearly enough natural lashes to add extensions to. This is why the ‘break’ period needs to be enforced (because it’s not possible to add extensions to nothing!)

extreme volume lash extensionsWhy Mega Volume lashes aren’t offered at The Lash Spa

We believe mega volume lashes to be damaging because they are extremely long and thick. They weigh your natural eyelashes down causing them to weaken your natural lashes and thinning them out, or worst-case scenario pulling out your natural lashes as they are too heavy and cannot take the weight, sometimes leaving scarring on the eyelid and inhibiting future lash growth.

Eyelash Extensions Gold Coast

We are so strict on the lash health of our clients that we regularly turn away clients who request the extreme volume style of lash – we want our customers to be happy and we believe that keeping our client’s lashes in good condition is extremely important, both for our clients’ happiness and of course our own reputation.

We will never compromise your lash health and will only ever extend the length and volume to what your natural lashes can handle.

Have we talked you out of getting a set of extreme volume lash extensions?

Your natural lashes will thank you for it!

So to book an appointment to get a set of perfectly tailored eyelash extensions that won’t cause damage to your natural lashes, then give us a call on 0756 891 919.