The Only Gold Coast Lash Salon That Promises Not To Damage Your Natural Lashes

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We’ve all read and heard horror stories about eyelash extensions…from clumps of glue that rip our your natural lashes to opening your eyes after application and being horrified at the result because your lash extensions look like big fluffy brooms instead of the natural look you were hoping for.

At The Lash Spa, we are SO against spider leg lashes and broom lashes – lashes that fall under that category not only look terrible but are extremely damaging to your natural lashes. The following lashes might look great if you’re into crazy volume, but the reality is that they’ll gradually cause damage to your natural lashes…

super volume eyelash extensions

How do we apply lashes that don’t cause damage?

At The Lash Spa, we only apply extensions suited to your natural lash. This is something we are extremely strict on – it’s called lash health standards and we’re all about them.

We never apply lashes that are too long or too heavy for your natural lash which is the biggest reason your natural lashes can be damaged from eyelash extensions – it causes the natural lash to be pulled out of the eyelid or snapped off and in really bad cases can cause scarring along the eyelid which can inhibit future lash growth, meaning you’ll have fewer natural lashes for quite a while, and sometimes permanently!

damaged eyelashes after extensions

Before we start applying lashes we have a consultation over a lychee iced tea and chocolate where we show photos, identify the right lash style for your personal face and eye shape and the right thickness/length that will best suit you and the natural lashes you already have.

We have a consultation with every new client so you know what you’re getting beforehand and you’ll never end up shocked with big embarrassing lashes – or on the flip side if you want super volume but your natural lashes are damaged and brittle, we’ll let you know that it’s simply not possible (other salons might do it anyway, knowing that you’ll just end up with more damage).

If your lashes are thick and healthy but don’t have much length we can apply either similar length extensions and add more volume or extending the length of your lashes with less volume.

If you have long lashes but they are not as thick and are fragile you may have to stick with your natural lash length and just think about adding volume.

Don’t go to just any old salon…

Applying extensions takes time and a lot of practice, the most important thing about lash extension is the application. If the extension is attached to 2 or more of your natural lashes get pulled with the growing process pulling 1 or more natural lash out.

What does that all mean?

It means that the end result will be damaged lashes or even worse creating gaps through your lash line. Extensions should always only be applied to one of your natural lashes whether you are applying classics or volume lashes.

So if you want the perfect set of eyelash extensions to suit your natural eye shape without causing any damage, then give us a call to book your appointment.