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Have you ever complimented a friend on their long, luscious lashes – only to hear that they’re 100% natural? It’s likely they’ve had an eyelash lift and tint which enhances the natural lashes by adding a semi-permanent curl and definition.

At the Lash Spa, your eyelash lift and tint treatment comes with all the luxurious trimmings we’re famous for – refreshing tea & treats on arrival, a complimentary hot towel, private suite and extremely comfortable bed. Many of our lash lift clients drift off to sleep while we transform their eyelashes. 

Our lash technicians have thousands of hours experience and use the Elleebana Lash Lift system, which is designed to give you luscious lifted lashes that will last for weeks. A lash lift is perfect for clients who are looking for a more subtle effect than having eyelash extensions.

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How to maximise your lash lift results 

  • In the 24 hours before your appointment, go without wearing mascara to ensure your lashes are clean (we’ll deep cleanse your lashes before starting the treatment as well).
  • After the lash lift and tint, don’t apply makeup, pressure or get them wet for 24 hours to allow them to set.
  • Try to avoid sleeping on your lashes for 48 hours. If you’re a side sleeper, you can purchase our luxurious 3D eye mask in the salon to help protect them.
  • Use a lash growth serum in conjunction with the lift & tint, to help boost your natural lash growth. Our recommendation is Revive7 which is available to purchase in the salon or over the phone for Australia-wide postage on 0756 891 919.

If you’re new to lash enhancement, a tint and lift is a great starting point. It will accentuate your natural lashes and open up your eyes – you’ll love the confidence a lash lift gives you. 

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