Can I Go To The Gym With Eyelash Extensions?

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Going to the gym with your eyelash extensions is generally safe and won’t affect the longevity of your lashes…

However, there are always exceptions to every rule and we want to dive a little deeper into the topic!

Can you go to the gym with eyelash extensions?

The answer is YES and NO. What the what? Keep reading…

No, you cannot go to the gym in the first 24 hours.

Going to the gym is completely fine if you wait for 24 hours after the lashes are applied.

eyelash extensions gym workout

The glue used for eyelash extensions is pretty finicky and requires perfect conditions while it’s drying.

In fact, the glue is so fussy that we have our salon set to the exact temperature that the glue LOVES and the correct humidity (we add moisture or take it away from the air depending on the natural humidity of the day).

Clients who follow our after-care instructions to a tee, always come back for their infill appointment with fluffy, full lashes that require a touch-up. This is ideal because we can add extra volume during their infill appointment instead of always feeling like we’re “playing catch up” and just getting lashes back on so it looks like the client has extensions again.

Clients who ignore the instructions and head to a super-sweaty gym session before the 24 hour period is up (or shower, or swim) will always find themselves battling with faster lash loss.

The lash glue works by slowly drawing natural moisture from the air and curing…

Too much water = drying too fast.

This means that the bond of the lash and extension hasn’t formed properly causing the lashes to slide right off.

Yes, you can go to the gym as normal after 24 hours is up!

If your skin is pretty normal, you sweat the regular amount (not excessively) and you’re not aggressively scrubbing your eyes with a rough gym towel – then training at the gym will not affect your lashes one little bit.

Eyelash Extensions sweating

Regular gym workouts don’t cause your lash extensions to come out. However, if you’re excessively sweating every day (on a 30-day challenge for example) you may notice a slight increase in your lash fall.

I wouldn’t have believed that until I saw it for myself. One of my regular clients who never had any retention issues began a ‘new year 30-day challenge’. She came in for her infill after 3 weeks and had lost every single lash. It was a shock! We did a new fresh set of lashes and the same thing happened again.

She tells me that she was waiting 24 hours before going to the gym but while she was on the challenge we couldn’t get the lashes to stay on (I’m dubious that she waited 24 hours). After the 30 days were up, she resumed normal gym workouts and we never had a retention problem again.

The only way to know if your lashes will be affected by your gym sessions is to ensure you wait the initial 24 hour period and then give them a go. They should be completely fine!

Thanks for reading and hope you will continue to enjoy your gym workouts with beautiful, full lashes!