Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant? [The Truth]

Are you an expectant mom who would love to get her lashes done? You’re not alone! A lot of women dream about having longer, thicker and fuller lashes – soon-to-be moms included. Eyelash extensions can easily enhance your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter. And who wouldn’t want to look beautiful and radiant even with a baby on the way?

Eyelash Extensions while Pregnant

However, you may have heard that getting eyelash extensions while pregnant is a big no-no. But is it really true? The simple answer is you can get extensions, but there are some things you should definitely be aware of before showing up to an appointment.

Below are some common concerns pregnant women have about eyelash extensions. Read on to learn more about the facts and to debunk any eyelash extension myth you’ve heard.

Top 3 Things to Consider When Getting Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant

Chemical Ingredients

With a baby on the way, it is understandable that mothers become more meticulous about the products they use. After all, it is common knowledge that toxic chemicals can have adverse effects on a baby’s health.

Even though the eyelash extension procedure is non-invasive, many pregnant women are still concerned about the chemicals involved – most particularly about the type of adhesive used to attach the synthetic hair.

A quick internet search may lead you to a couple of horror stories about toxic eyelash glue. Some people claim that eyelash glue containing harmful chemicals can even cause birth defects. While there may be unsafe options out there, a professional salon will not choose any product that will put their clients at risk.

Rest assured, our in-house adhesive glue has been tested and guaranteed to be safe for cosmetic use. It is also good to note that the eyelash glue does not actually touch the skin during the procedure. And together with our high-quality products, the eyelash extension process is perfectly safe even for pregnant women.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are not exclusive to pregnant women. However, it may take a longer time for an expectant mother to recover from an allergic reaction. This may cause prolonged discomfort for the client and added stress as well. With that in mind, it may be a problem if this is your first time and if you are a mom-to-be with highly sensitive skin.  

Although allergic reactions may occur only to some people, we would still not recommend you to undergo the eyelash extension procedure. It is said that women who are pregnant become more sensitive to allergies; things you weren’t allergic to before may potentially become an allergen. And in addition to this, the severity of an allergic reaction also increases when pregnant.

If you have been looking forward to getting your eyelashes done, don’t lose hope! You may still get your eyelash extensions any time after labour, and what better way to start your new life as a mom than with beautiful, full lashes?


Many expectant mothers may not realize this at first but if there is one thing that may keep a pregnant woman from getting their eyelashes done, it would be the physical position they are subjected to during the process.

Laying Down Eyelash Extensions

An eyelash extension procedure takes up to one full hour. During this time, clients are required to lay flat on their backs – a position that may be very uncomfortable for pregnant women. This position might still be tolerable for women during their early stages of pregnancy. However, if you are fully pregnant, it may cause a strain on your back.

Because of this, the procedure is not recommended for women who are fully pregnant. Aside from having to withstand the pressure of lying flat on your back, it is also required that you lay still during the whole hour. This may be very difficult for pregnant women as well.

If you think that laying down for the full hour might be a bit too much in one sitting, you could instead book 2 infill appointments, which are basically a half of a full set. So you’d still end up with a full set of lashes, but it would be done in two 30 minute sittings.


It’s no wonder women love getting eyelash extensions. Getting eyelash extensions is one way to add drama to your eyes, making you feel more beautiful and confident. Expectant mothers should not limit themselves from this opportunity too. You are about to start a new chapter of your life, and there is no better time to give yourself a makeover.

Eyelash extensions aren’t just beautiful, they are easy to maintain as well – they’d even stay on during labour! Who says you can’t look all dolled up even as you give birth? Every woman should have the right to look and feel beautiful, especially during this special moment.

Have a chat with your lash technician before having the procedure. If you still have some concerns or would like to have more information, we would be happy to discuss our services with you to find something that suits you perfectly. Allow us to show you that you deserve lashes that are strong and beautiful, just like you are.