A 6 Step Guide to Getting Eyelash Extensions for Your Wedding

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Every bride dreams of looking perfect on their big day. Since your wedding is one of the most touching events you’ll ever experience, getting teary-eyed with mascara running down your face is bound to happen. With eyelash extensions, you won’t have to worry about such a scenario. Lash extensions accentuate your eyes, making you look extra gorgeous in person and in photos.

Wedding Eyelash Extensions

It’s a common practice for the bridal party to wear the same dress, makeup, and hairstyle so you might want to think about getting eyelash extensions for your bridesmaids as well in order to achieve a bold and beautiful look that’s consistent throughout the bridal party. 

There’s a lot of curiosity surrounding eyelash extensions. I remember how nerve-wracking it was when I got my first eyelash extensions since I still had a lot of unanswered questions in mind. I would suggest conducting ample research before deciding to get the treatment. It also pays to choose a reputable salon with professionally trained beauticians to avoid causing any damage to your natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions involve the process of applying synthetic extensions to your natural lashes to give a lasting appearance of volume and fullness.  There are many different types to choose from and the application process behind it is just as intricate. In the end, all the effort is definitely worth it.

If you’re planning to get eyelash extensions on your wedding day, it’s important to educate yourself and make arrangements days ahead. I’ve outlined some of the most common questions regarding eyelash extensions to help you and your bridal party learn everything you need to know before getting your lashes done.

What Are The Different Types Of Eyelash Extensions?

The more popular type is the classic eyelash extensions. Each individual extension is dipped into a medical-grade adhesive and applied to a single natural eyelash. These lashes vary in length, thickness, and curl, depending on the client’s natural lashes and the look they want to achieve. If you’re going for a dramatic and glamorous look for your wedding, I suggest you choose extensions that are a lot curlier, thicker, and longer than your natural lashes.

Volume lash extensions are a newer trend that involves the application of multiple fine extensions to each natural lash. The cluster of lashes is shaped like a fan before they are attached. These lashes emphasize fullness and give a more drastic change to your natural look.

When Should I Get Eyelash Extensions?

I would recommend getting a full set at least 2 days before your wedding. It’s also a good idea to get a trial full set at least a month before your wedding so you can figure out the perfect style and length, and also to be 100% sure that you don’t have any allergic reaction to the glue – getting your first set right before the wedding isn’t advised for this reason. If you’ve got other allergies or have very sensitive skin it’s also a good idea to get a patch test done before you get extensions where a small amount of glue is placed on your skin to see if you get any reaction.

Getting Ready for Wedding

Give yourself ample time just in case you’d like to have any adjustments done to the thickness, style, and length. You can also request your stylist to do some finishing touches right before your wedding day.

How Long Will The Extensions Last?

The extensions last just as long as the full cycle of natural lashes which is, on average, six to eight weeks – although this varies from person to person. Experts suggest doing a refill 2-3 weeks for classic extensions and 3-4 weeks for volume extensions.

How Do I Take Care of My Eyelash Extensions?

Keep your extensions dry for the first 24 hours. Avoid steam rooms and activities that’ll make you sweat in order to let the adhesive dry completely. Extensions require minimal grooming. You can use an eyelash comb to brush your lashes at least once a day to keep them looking fluffy and neat.

Caring for Eyelash Extensions

You can still wear makeup but it’s best to avoid using mascara since it will only lump together your newly added lashes. Keep oil-based makeup products away from your extensions as these can cause the glue to soften and your lashes to fall out. It’s best to use oil-free makeup removers to ensure the retention of your lashes.

How Do I Remove My Extensions?

To avoid damaging your natural lashes, avoid plucking them on your own. A trained beautician will be the one to do it for you by using a special kind of de-bonder. 

Getting Eyelash Extensions for Your Bridal Party

Aside from being a great way to make your wedding extra special for you, eyelash extensions are also a wonderful gift idea for the whole bridal party. You can even give them dainty gift bags containing beauty products and pamphlets for post-treatment eyelash care. It would also make a great bonding experience that shows your heartfelt gratitude for their support in this most important day in your life.