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You want beautiful eyelash extensions for an event but by the time Monday rolls around, you fear they’re too much in a corporate environment… Introducing our Corporate Chic set!

Update 2024: Our Corporate Chic set has been replaced by our Hybrid Light set – very much the same, but more customisable to individual style. So just remember when booking, to look for our Hybrid Light set.

Many of our Lash Spa clients work in a busy, corporate environment from lawyers to CEOs and everything in between. Sometimes they’re after a more subtle lash look which is why we designed a lash look specifically with business professionals in mind.

Our Corporate Chic set boosts the volume of your natural lashes, giving you a subtle and alluring enhancement. As we match the lash length to your natural lashes, you’ll find your lashes last even longer. When combined with proper aftercare and our super nourishing Revive7 Serum, you can stretch your infill appointment to every four weeks. 

While this set was designed with corporates in mind, it’s suitable for any client who wants a more subtle look to our Dreamy Volume.

Corporate lash extensions
Our corporate lashes don’t add much length but create subtle added fullness while remaining fluffy, light, and extremely natural. They save time in your morning routine because you simply brush over them with a lash comb and you’re ready to go.
Mascara on lashes
Mascara on lashes creates a clumpy, sparse look, plus it needs to be applied in the morning and taken off in the evening, something busy women often don’t have time for.

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