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Your wedding day is one of the most exciting events to plan! All of your loved ones in the same room celebrating love… it’s pure magic. You’ve probably already chosen your wedding venue, your dream dress and worked out the guest list – so now it’s time to plan your beauty appointments for the big day. Lots of women opt for eyelash extensions on their wedding day to accentuate their eyes and make them feel more glamorous.

There are many benefits to getting eyelash extensions for your wedding day – they photograph well, you don’t need to wear mascara (protecting your makeup from any happy tears) and they’ll look incredible throughout your honeymoon as well. However, if you’re new to eyelash extensions, there are a few things you should keep in mind in the lead-up to your wedding.

eyelash extensions for wedding day

Book with a qualified professional with great reviews

Your wedding is one of the most photographed days in your life. You definitely don’t want to risk going to an inexperienced lash artist before your wedding day. At The Lash Spa, our talented artists have had thousands of hours of lashing experience. We triple sterilise our tools before every client, educate our clients on lash aftercare and recommend a style that will suit your natural eye shape

Ensure you have no allergies

While it is very rare, some clients are allergic or extra sensitive to the glue used to apply lash extensions. This is why at The Lash Spa, we never apply lashes on a client who hasn’t had extensions before if it is too close to their wedding day. If you’re thinking about having beautiful lash extensions on your big day, we recommend seeing us at least 3 weeks before your wedding so we can ensure you’re happy with the look – we will then make any final changes a few days before your wedding at your infill appointment. 

Use a lash serum to boost lash health 

If you never conditioned your hair, imagine how brittle it would be… well, it’s the same with eyelashes! We recommend using a super nourishing lash serum in the lead-up to your wedding day to ensure your lashes are as full and long as they can be. We’re an official stockist for Australia’s number one eyelash growth serum called Revive7. We sell it in-salon and we can also process your order over the phone. To place an order give us a call on (07)56 891 919.

Revive7 Lash growth serum

Time your appointments correctly 

When it comes to lashes for a big event, timing is everything! Your lashes have a natural shedding cycle so we will recommend appointment times to ensure they’re at their fullest and longest for your big day. During your initial consultation appointment, let the artist know if you have an upcoming wedding so they can assist you with future bookings. We recommend having a full set applied about 2-3 weeks before your wedding, and then an infill appointment can be scheduled shortly before the wedding to make any final touches. 

Take proper care of your lash extensions

Now that you have your stunning set of lashes, it’s important to take care of them. Every new client at The Lash Spa receives a complimentary aftercare goodie bag. This includes a super gentle cleansing foam to keep your lashes clean, a spoolie to comb them and more. For brides, we recommend purchasing our Essentials Kit. This has extra lash aftercare supplies such as our 3D contour mask for sleeping, oil-free makeup remover, hygienic brushes with a lid, foaming cleanser and the best part…a free deluxe upgrade spa experience at your next booking.

There are lots of factors that come into play when getting eyelash extensions, from your eye shape to your lifestyle and how much or how little makeup you wear in day-to-day life. What’s right for one bride may not necessarily be right for you. We work with every client to ensure we achieve a look they’ll love.