Eyelash Extension Red Flags: Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

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There’s a reason eyelash extensions are so popular  – they give your face an amazing glow even without makeup. Plus they make your beautiful eyes pop!

For the most part, people won’t complain about the application nor the days after. At least, not our clients. In fact, many Lash Spa clients find themselves getting sleepy in the process, with some actually falling asleep while their lashes are being applied!

However, horror stories about painful eyelash extensions are not unheard of. You may have heard stories about pain and discomfort felt when some people have had lash extensions applied. And because of these stories, you may steer clear of lash extensions even if you’re itching to try them out. But there are some reasons why this happens…

Are there ways to avoid this from happening to you? Read on for reasons why some people find the process painful.

Irritating ingredients in glue

It’s glue, so it’s expected that there could be a few harsh ingredients that could hurt the eyes. Some types of glue may also emit chemicals in a process that has the same effect as chopping onions

Of course, we’re careful enough to use glue with the mildest ingredients. At The Lash Spa we pride ourselves on using superior products. We don’t need to overdo our use of glue because our high-quality glue secures the lashes with just a small amount.

The problem occurs when your salon doesn’t use the right kind of glue. When the glue is of low quality, the technician needs to use a huge amount just to make the lashes stick, which could trigger an allergic reaction. For those who have a sensitivity to the glue used, the discomfort should be gone within 24 hours. By this time, the glue would have completely settled.

Poor application technique

If you find yourself feeling a little pain, it may be the way the technician applied the lashes. Some lash technicians may end up placing lashes too close to the eyelids. This means that the additional lashes would be poking at your lids the whole time they’re there. They may also have little control over the amount of glue they use, which may cause some of your lashes to stick together and pull at each other.

Removing extensions yourself

Removing Eyelash Extensions

First-timers may feel a bit unusual with their new lashes on. One of the biggest issues we see is lash newbies touching or tugging at their new lashes to see how durable they are. Please don’t do this! Your fake lashes are glued right onto your natural lashes. This means that every tug, every pull, is felt by your hair follicles and your eyelids.

You should never attempt to remove the extensions yourself as this can cause discomfort and result in your natural lashes being pulled out. We follow a special procedure when removing lash extensions so please leave the removal to the professionals.

Wrong choice of extensions

Very Long Eyelash Extensions

You may ask for the thickest, longest, most dramatic set of lashes available. But professional technicians know that you shouldn’t give in to client requests like that. Can you imagine how lightweight your lashes are? Your natural lashes do not have the ability to carry anything bigger or heavier than their own weight.

Remember that it’s going to be your natural lashes bearing the weight of the additional lashes. There’s a limit to how thick and how long you can go depending on your natural lash. When you apply lashes that are too heavy or too thick, you will definitely feel like your eyelids are being weighed down. Stress is applied to the hair follicles, which could cause pain and discomfort.

So should you avoid getting lash extensions because of these risks?

The key is choosing the right salon.

It’s not just about getting the lowest price. It’s about trusting your lash technician knows what they’re doing. When lashes are applied by a professionally trained technician, the entire process should be a pleasure. We weren’t lying when we said most of our Lash Spa clients nap while we apply them! 

What if your lashes are already in and they’re causing you discomfort? Always see a professional so they can safely remove your lash extensions.