Is Becoming a Regular Lash Extensions Client Worth It? You Bet It is!

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We’ve all had our fair share of frustration on how our eyelashes look. Some may have been gifted with long, thick lashes, but most of the people I know would still slather mascara like there’s no tomorrow just to get that wide-eyed look.

This is why lash extensions are truly a godsend.

Imagine waking up, ready to go without having to worry about putting on mascara. Those dream lashes you’ve always dreamed of are right there, as natural-looking as you would want it.

At least, for the next few weeks.

Are Eyelash Extensions Really Worth It?

Lash Extensions Before After

I’m someone who believes that barely-seen, almost-invisible lashes are a tragedy. Nope, I don’t think I’m being melodramatic there. In fact, in 2017, around 106.54 million women used mascara.

And that’s in the US alone! This means that there are so many women who want fuller, longer lashes but were not naturally gifted with them.

Enter these amazing lash extensions.

Are they really worth it?

Yes, they are!

Women buy mascara to get fuller and longer lashes. But this means you’ll have to set aside some time every single day just to apply that mascara. Some can do it with their eyes closed, but some see the entire process as a struggle.

Lash extensions eliminate the need for mascara because you get to wake up, go about your day, and go back to sleep at the end of the day with those full lashes you’ve always dreamed of. That’s a lot of time saved!

Having perfect eyelashes also gives you that wide-eyed look that a lot of women would die for. What’s amazing about extensions is that you get to choose the effect that you want. Do you want just the right amount of soft lashes that slightly curl up, or would you like really thick ones? It’s your choice! You get to decide whether you’re going to look sultry and sexy after the procedure, or wide-eyed and innocent.

How Long Do Extensions Last?

Lash extensions only stay up to around 6 weeks. And for the final couple of weeks, you would find that the lashes gradually fall out one by one, leaving a few gaps here and there. Although some don’t mind it, there are still a lot of those who feel conscious as the lashes fall off one by one.

Is this really something you’re going to have to bear the moment you make the decision to get lash extensions?

To some extent, getting eyelash extensions requires commitment.

Some of you may only be trying it out. You may have heard about it somewhere, or would like to see if it truly is more convenient than applying mascara every single day.

But if you’ve decided that eyelash extensions truly are a great choice, then you may want to think about being a regular lash extension customer, and not just a whenever-I-feel-like-it client.

Regular Lash Extension Appointments vs. One-Time Deals

Eyelash Extension Infills

As I mentioned earlier, those extensions will start to fall off after a few weeks. When that starts to happen, you’ll notice that your lashes will seem uneven. Some areas would still be thicker than the others, while there may be a few awkward spaces in between.

For others, they would rather wait until each and every extension has fallen off. But for those who truly are committed to having great lashes all the time, they choose to come in more regularly, with infills appointments every 2 to 3 weeks.

What happens during these infills appointments?

Think of it as a retouch. When you put on makeup, you run to the powder room every so often just to add a bit of blush, or to retouch your lipstick so that everything’s as fresh-looking as ever. The same thing goes for your lash extensions.

During an infill appointment, the technician will only put lash extensions on the areas where the old extensions may have fallen off. Through these appointments, you get the same amazing look without worrying about odd gaps in your eyelids.

So do you really need regular appointments with your chosen lash technician?

It’s up to you!

When you think about it, regular infills appointments allow you to maintain those amazing lashes without having to worry about them looking weird after some time. To me, that’s a pretty good payoff instead of having to apply mascara every single day, or worse, having to walk around with uneven lashes until your next full-lash extensions appointment.